Nolalu Fire Rescue and First Response – Roads Warning for Washouts

Roads Update

THUNDER BAY – Nolalu Fire Rescue and First Response has issued an update on road conditions in the region.

Rain overnight is causing issues with roads.

Nolalu Fire Rescue and First Response asked that you please use caution on the roads today as we are hearing multiple reports of localized flooding, and road washouts.

As always if there is a road emergency please call 911.


Hwy 588 between Whitefish River and Silvaggio Rd – last update still passable but extreme caution is needed

Old Silver Mountain Rd – just west of Leeper rd. Damn broke and is completely impassible.

Leeper – Old Silver Mountain and Palisades

Water over the road:

Leeper between 588 and Old Silver Mountain

Palisades – multiple spots


Old Mill – between Palisades and Old Silver Mountain Rd

Old Silver Mountain and Old Mill corner

Village of Nolalu – Old Mill Rd

Logan Rd

Cedar Sites Rd.