Wawa Braces for Weekend Snow Squalls: Hazardous Conditions Expected on Highway 17

Winter Weather Alert Yellow

Lake Superior’s Eastern Shoreline to Experience Heavy Snowfall

Wawa, ON, and areas along Highway 17 near Lake Superior are on high alert as a Snow Squall Watch has been declared, effective from Saturday into Sunday. The region, currently experiencing clear skies and a chilly -25°C as of 6:30 AM, is poised for a dramatic shift in weather conditions due to incoming lake effect snow squalls.

Current Conditions and Weather Alert

  • Temperature: -25°C with clear skies.
  • Barometric Pressure: 101.7 kPa.
  • Humidity: 80%, with calm winds.

Despite the tranquil morning, residents are advised of the imminent change, with heavy snowfall and significantly reduced visibility anticipated as the day progresses.

Expected Weather Hazards

  • Hazards: The main concerns are the drastically reduced visibility and heavy snow, complicating both travel and outdoor activities in and around Wawa and along Highway 17.
  • Snowfall Accumulations: Predictions indicate that by Sunday afternoon, the area could see snow accumulations ranging from 15 to 25 cm, marking a significant weather event.

Timing and Impact

The onset of snow squalls is expected this afternoon, continuing into Sunday morning before shifting southward by Sunday afternoon. These squalls are notorious for their rapid weather changes, capable of turning clear skies into heavy snowfall within very short distances, thus posing a threat to visibility and road safety.

Navigational Challenges and Safety Measures

The lake effect snow squalls are expected to make highways, roads, walkways, and parking lots difficult to navigate due to accumulating snow. The sudden visibility reduction and snow accumulation can make travel hazardous, especially on Highway 17, which is known for its scenic yet challenging driving conditions along Lake Superior’s eastern shoreline.

Advisories for Residents and Travellers

Those residing in or traveling through Wawa and along Highway 17 are urged to stay updated on weather forecasts and to prepare for abrupt changes in driving conditions. Be prepared for potential long travel delays. There was a three day extended closure of Highway 17 recently during a snow squall. Having the supplies needed is important.

Adjusting travel plans and ensuring vehicles are properly equipped for winter conditions are crucial steps to maintaining safety during this snow squall watch.

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