There is no good intention in evil, and racism is evil

Sol Mamakwa MPP
Sol Mamakwa MPP

POLITICS – LEADER’S LEDGER – Over the years, I’ve understood and believed racism is the historic seed planted between settlers and Indigenous Peoples. It has grown massive roots and formed colonial systems still governing relations between us. It’s a national problem.

In northern Ontario, we need to call it out. We need to acknowledge that racism exists and operating against any attempt towards reconciliation.

We need to stop placating it. Pretending racism doesn’t exist or that it’s only in one place, is not helpful to eradicate it. Ignoring it only stymied efforts to redefining our nations working together to build an inclusive society.

There is no good intention in evil, and racism is evil. The desire to steal from, control, destroy components of or all aspect of life for one group based on notions of racial superiority is systemic and colonial.

As I reflect on the various comments made by John Cyr, Senator Lynn Beyak, and some Mayors in the north have shown me that governments and agencies need to do more work to help society to better understanding their biases and positions of privilege.

Reports (2018) released by Senator Sinclair and Gerry McNeilly respectively have identified the racism problem in writing. It’s like a mirror, it only shows you what is already there. So all in leadership and the everyday person can now choose to reflect on the real.

We should be asking ourselves; how am I part of the problem or willing to be part of the solution to go forward with renewed and sincere efforts to be an inclusive citizen?

We all need to go through uncomfortable processes to do the real work of reconciliation. Systemic racism needs to be addressed in order for us all to move forward. I believe great things happen when we all work together.

Kitchi Meegwetch for reading this.

Sol Mamakwa MPP

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