Senate Boots Lynn Beyak over Website Postings

Political Update

Canadian Senate

OTTAWA – The Senate has voted to suspend Senator Lynn Beyak. The move comes as a result of an investigation into letters posted on the Dryden area Senator on her Senate web page. The suspension is for the remainder of this session of Parliament.

The move comes following Beyak refusing to apologize for posting letters on her website that has been widely condemned as racist.

In a speech to Senators on Thursday, the unrepentant independent Senators says that she believes she is being unfairly punished by her Senate colleagues for practising free speech.

Beyak has ignored criticism of the letters posted on her Senate webpage as political correctness gone awry.

She is claiming that her punishment, for now, a temporary suspension is similar to the kind of totalitarianism described by George Orwell’s in his dystopian novel 1984.

“This type of penalty is totalitarian and alien to the tradition of free nations like Canada,” Beyak said.