Instagram vs Facebook: What’s better for Students to Start Their First Business?

Facebook vs Instagram
Facebook vs Instagram

LONDON – BUSINESS – There is no denying that social media platforms are currently the best places for advertisements. Promoting a business or a brand through the internet media gives the marketers many options for advanced audience targeting and tracking progress.

Between the two most popular social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, there have been many questions on which is the best for business. As a student, you are familiar with the working of both the apps at least as an entertainment option.

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Back to looking at which social media page to boost your business; both Facebook and Instagram have many similarities and distinctions that would pan out differently. They both need separate approaches and techniques to achieve business promotions. Take a look at the influencing aspects to figure out which is the best one to launch your first business.


The best benefit of using the internet is the number of audiences you can target at the same time. With less number of people spending time watching Tv commercials like before, the internet is also the most reliable way today to convey your brand ideas.

Though Facebook is definitely the elder one, Instagram has been consistent with its growth. The statistics show that Facebook has 2.3 billion monthly users while Instagram has around 1 billion monthly active users as of 2018.

Facebook has the upper hand when it comes to numbers and users. But that does not necessarily mean that the engagement is high. Many small businesses have created a Facebook page because everyone has been doing it, but not every page is active or has `any engaging customers.

So the numbers do not always give you the full picture. For that, the following aspects have to be taken into consideration.

Target Audience
Targeted Social Media Advertising

For any business, it is essential to know about the target demographic to avoid incorrect communication. Knowing about the age group of the audience, the gender, the interests, age all play a big part in conveying the right message across the internet.

Instagram stands out in the statistical study with a solid younger follower base. Majority of Instagram users are under 30, while Facebook still has an audience of age above 30. Moreover, the engagement in Instagram is also from the younger groups.

If the brand you are creating as students are also catering to a younger generation, then Instagram would be an ideal choice. Over the years, Facebook has also seen a loss of teen accounts and engagement from users in spite of having active profiles.

Facebook audience group has stronger older generation users, making it apt to target the older demographic with a higher income and spending power.

Both these platforms allow you to aim at lead generationwith a niche audience, with specific targeting options by location, language, age, and interests.


Comparing to not only Facebook but all the social networks, Instagram has proved to have the highest of engagement rates. In fact, audience engagement is 10 times higher than that of Facebook. The same brands posting the same content in both Facebook and Instagram has seen a higher involvement from users in the former.

“Remember, daily posting is your way to more Instagram engagement, especially when you are posting videos.

A recent study on Instagram shows that the ad revenues have been spiking since 2017. Social media influencers prefer Instagram as their primary platform. Also, over 80 percent of Instagram users are following a business, with at least 30 % discovering new products via Instagram that boosted the sales. This is inspired by the quality visual content that catches the attention better than from the layout of Facebook.

Advertising and Functionality  

The differences in these statistics come from the basic functionality and features offered by both sites. Instagram, being image based has limited features compared to Facebook. But that could precisely be a reason to get distracted or be overloaded with information. Facebook focuses more on the text, while Instagram on the visuals.

Though Instagram does not have the option to add clickable links in posts, it allows you to have a website link in the advertisements. The features getting more updated to see annotations in the picture itself of the products showcased.

In the end, it comes down to what your business is and what kind of leads you want to generate from social media. The target audience might be the key here to determine whether Facebook or Instagram is the best choice to get the job done for your brand.

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