Do you have a Home Fire Escape Plan?

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THUNDER BAY – Did you check the batteries in your home’s Carbon Monoxide detector and smoke detector this weekend? If so, good. If not, make sure you do. Keeping your family safe is important.

It is also a good step toward prevention to have a fire escape plan. This March Break, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue is suggesting you take family safety to the next level.

The Fire Service is asking, “Does everyone in your home know what to do in the event of a fire?”

Plan and practice your home fire escape plan. If you already have one now would be a great time to practice it.
Test your smoke alarms to start the escape plan.
Try and come up with 2 ways out of every room if possible.
Pick a meeting place a safe distance away from your home.
Decide who will be responsible for young children or anyone that would require assistance leaving the home.
Once safely outside call 911 and never re-enter a burning building.