What Are Reasons to Pass Microsoft 70-345 Certification Exam and Get the Relevant Certification?

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When you pass the Microsoft 70-345 exam, you prove that you are able to design and deploy Microsoft Exchange Server 2016. You have every reason to pass this certification test. This is an exam that is designed to test the candidates on their proficiency with regards to Microsoft Exchange Server 2016. It is intended for the IT professionals who take the role of technical lead for a team of administrators. The candidates would be required to have an understanding of Office 365 and Skype for Business and how Microsoft Exchange Server can be integrated into these. In order to be eligible for the exam, you need to have worked for not less than three years, directly designing Exchange servers. As you can see, this is an important exam that validates rear-to-find skills.

5 Benefits of Passing Microsoft 70-345 Exam

  1. Updating skills and knowledge

You may have acquired skills knowledge and skills during your college days but as time goes by, new technology makes your previous understanding obsolete. Particular to Microsoft, the company is very innovative and always comes with new features in its products meant to make it more secure and effective. Every IT professional is required to be aware of such releases. Sometimes the updates take place over a long period of time, long after you had completed your studies. Certification comes in handy under these circumstances.

By passing the Microsoft 70-345 exam and earning the Microsoft MCSA Cloud Certification, you have updated yourself with the latest trends in the industry. You hone current work habits that may be responsible for quality issues or inefficiencies in productivity while at the same time making you more competent. The level of confidence given by such new skills is amazing. If you were previously afraid of performing some Microsoft Exchange tasks, you will now be more nothing willing to get involved.

  1. Professional credibility

When you enroll in a certification program, your peers can see the amount of effort you put in. They can see that you are indeed sacrificing time that is hard to come by, just to get better at what you do. What else can make you more credible as a professional than that? Organizations typically set aside funds for their employees to undergo certification training. This is because such organizations understand that when you are certified, you get to improve your skills to a level that was not possible before and that your productivity gets improved. Unfortunately, not many employees apply for such funds under the pretense that they are too busy with company work.

When your employer sees you applying for the funds to undertake the Microsoft 70-345 exam, they start to recognize you as a serious employee whom they cannot afford to lose. Being labelled as a superior professional is worthwhile for your career progression.

  1. Competitive advantage

Think of it this way: you apply for the same job with a competitor with whom both of your qualifications match. Both of you have the same experience with regards to the design and deployment of Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 and that you have both been in the industry for 3 years. This is the point where the employer begins to look for any differentiating factor. Whereas your competitor claims to have skills of Exchange Server, they do not have a certification to show of it. On the other hand, you recently completed your Microsoft 70-345 exam and earned the MSCE credential. Who do you think will be picked? Your guess is as good as mine.

Passing the Microsoft 70-345 exam and earning the relevant certification is the differentiating between you and others in the given field. It is a demonstration of commitment on your part to be better in your profession. The competitive advantage they provide is key for excelling in the current tight job market.

  1. Pay rise

When you joined your organization, you agreed on your current pay rate based on the skills that you were bringing in at that particular time. Your employer will not believe that you have earned more skills and deserve a pay rise unless you have something to show of it. Discussing a pay rise can be quite tricky for as long as you still have the same credentials with which you were employed.

When you invest in yourself and pass the Microsoft 70-345 exam for the relevant certification, it goes without saying that you need compensation for the money used in training. After all, why would you pay for a certificate if the same will not be returned to you in the form of a salary? And even if the employer paid for your certification, the amount spent studying would have been used uniting with your family. Thus, for those of you who have been complaining that you have never received a pay rise ever since you joined your company, this may be the time to enroll into certification and see what happens. A study done by Business Wire established that earning a credential increases your chances of getting a pay increase by 20-40%.

  1. Networking opportunities

During the process of studying for the Microsoft 70-345 exam in order to earn the MSCE certification, you will encounter the individuals working towards the same credential. These are the individuals you shall study together, exchange revision materials and ideas, as well as attempt practice questions together. As you meet in the online classes, you may even make arrangements for physical meetups if it is possible.

This is a networking opportunity that can prove beneficial for your careers. In case they get to hear of a new opening somewhere which requires skills you gained through your certification, they will be quick to let you know and vice versa. No one can excel in the IT industry on their own. You require the input of colleagues just as they require yours. Being that your work will typically involve a lot of projects, you do understand how the networking will be of great benefit.


Work hard to pass Microsoft 70-345 exam and earn the relevant certification for the progression of your career.

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