Canadian firm vying for share in Greek Casino

: What has caught a Canadian pharmaceutical giant’s fancy? Read all about the CEO’s interest in a Greek casino.

Club Hotel Casino Loutraki is a high-end Greek casino and is up for grabs. On top of the potential buyer’s list is a Canadian pharmaceutical giant called Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc. They are one of the handful of firms that have been selected/invited to participate in the buying of this well reputed Greek casino.

Previously, the company had already expressed their interest in buying into such a venture but the details were all missing. However, with their latest press release an official statement, we now know that the casino in question is none other than Club Hotel Casino Loutraki and other details have been revealed too. The only thing that they have not actually specified yet is the actual price that they are going to pay for the casino itself.

Chief Executive Officer of Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc. has a history with the gambling industry

If you are wondering how or why there is a connection between a pharma company based in Canada and a Greek Casino, it is because of the CEO of the Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc. Here are the highlights in brief:

  • Evan Karras is the Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Pharmaand he does have some links to gambling.
  • Specifically, he was involved in the privatization of the gambling industry or gambling sector in Canada over twenty years ago.
  • Karras has since wanted to establish a casino and boost profits and business interests through the casino. However, it is only now that he seems to be realizing his dream.
  • Karras does have a certain edge over other bidders in terms of purchasing Club Hotel Casino Loutraki because his prior involvement and history with the gambling industry qualifies him for a substantial discount when Easton Pharmaceutical Inc. purchases stakes in Club Hotel Casino Loutraki.
  • Furthermore, his prior engagements with the privatization of the gambling sector in Canada also means that he is already familiar with the ropes when it comes to the gambling industries and private casinos.

The Greek casino in question is not a humble casino by any stretch of the imagination. It is home to over a thousand different slots, just under a hundred table games, has an exclusive VIP designated partition and a swanky hotel with lodging in the form of over two hundred rooms and 20 luxury suites. Furthermore, the casino also has a conference arena, a spa, and a health and wellness centre too.

It must be noted that the casino is situated beachside and just about an hour’s drive away from the capital city of Athens. This is enough to realize why Karras and his company are eager to buy stakes. The area that the casino resides in is also well known for its popular hot springs, just to add icing to the cake.

What does the future hold for Club Hotel Casino Loutraki?

Knowing what a hot property and business asset Club Hotel Casino Loutraki is, it is safe to say that the casino will flourish throughout the year for decades to come. However, Karras and his pharma company do see some room for improvement which will reap even more profits.

In fact, not only does Easton Pharmaceuticals want to be a catalyst for business at Club Hotel Casino Loutraki, but they also have their sights set on other gambling institutions all over the world. Their long term business objective seems to be to add value and foster exponential growth in the gambling sector all over the world. This should, in turn, help them venture into other markets as well and really become one of the biggest corporations in the world.

While they are busy on the Greek front, the company also has one foot in the door for the construction and development of a European resort. For this Europe based project, Easton Pharmaceuticals have supposedly already submitted a bid to merge with US-based casino firm of a holding company which is based in Canada.

The official statement made about this deal does not delve into much detail or specifications as the deal is still a work in progress at this time. The location of this resort will, of course, be a key element, and is undisclosed as of this time. In fact, we are not even certain that the geographic location has been decided at all. It is said that they are hunting for a lakeside location, preferably.

You guessed it! The resort is going to have a casino! What more? This swanky, high-end resort comes with its own hotel, shops, restaurants, and entertainment centers, conference halls, meeting rooms, health spa, wellness center, and more. The gambling section is going to take up an entire floor and will apparently house over a thousand slots and in excess of fifty table games. The hotel will include over five hundred rooms and several VIP suites as well.

Obviously, the targeted customer base for this swanky resort will be families and individuals that fall into the upper class, high-income bracket. The estimated annual profits that this resort will generate are expected to be over $113,800,000.

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