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Single Use Coffee CupsTHUNDER BAY – NetNewsLedger received this Letter to the Editor in response to our Editorial: 16 Billion Single Use Coffee Cups a Year!
This is Dan from Junk Away Inc.  I would like to speak a little on this article if I may.  As a parent, husband, business owner, resident and neighbour, I am deeply concerned about our streets, parks, sidewalks, walkways and business districts –  as are the members of council and administration.  I am concerned about the amount of garbage, junk, litter and debris that our children, residents and tourists have to walk around or try to avoid.  Every spring the ditches, sidewalks, parks and business districts are covered in empty coffee cups, wrappers and debris.  Although there are several cleanups a year, it seems the constant presence of trash never goes away.
In the past, I have contacted several councillors to let them know that my company (Junk Away Inc.), with the support of council and the people of Thunder Bay, will beautify this city like no one has seen in many many years.
That is not speculation – that is fact!
Under my leadership, my crew and I will free the streets, ditches, parks and sidewalks of coffee cups, used needles, candy wrappers etc.  Downtown south side, downtown north side, marina, intercity and everywhere else – we would have a daily presence in litter troubled areas keeping them litter free.  I have been fortunate enough to travel to cities and towns in other parts of Canada and the US and have never seen litter out of control as we have.
So… I don’t think we need to create awareness or educate people about the problem as we are all aware.  What we need now are solutions.  Instead of expensive advertising campaigns that get little to zero results, let’s just do the work!
There are no studies or consultants required.  Yes, we have a huge rat problem (all areas of the city).  Yes, we have a huge bed bug problem (all areas of the city).
If anyone was unsure, the answer is yes – we have these problems and we see it every day.  Until we address the litter, junk and garbage issue – these problems won’t go away.
They will get worse.  In conclusion, Junk Away Inc. is ready to take this on.  Just say the word.
Warmest regards,

Dan Cheal
Junk Away Inc.
807 633-0606

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