5 Reasons to Buy Royalty-Free Beats

Preme sharing the music
Preme sharing the music
Preme sharing the music
Preme sharing the music

LONDON – Whether you’re an MC, singer, music artist or live stage performer, you’ll occasionally or more often find yourself in need of instrumentals. Even for the celebrities, sometimes you’ll need to record a certain song or video on a small budget, and it’s not a new thing, especially for the entrepreneur-minded music chick and dude celebrities. But then again, the buying and selling of beats have been there for the last couple of years, if not decades. And thanks to technology advancements, you don’t always have to hassle real hard looking for an audio music producer anymore. Today, there are quite a number of sites where you can buy classic, RNB, Rock, or even Rap Beats right from the comfort of your couch, bed, or office desk. But then again, are you free to use those instrumentals without limitations till the end of time or will someone come and claim ownership, lien, copyright, or whatever word they might deem fit to use?

Well, pause right there; this brings us to the main point of this article. Here are 5 reasons to buy royalty-free beats.

  1. You’re not a music producer

Music production takes more than just having a great voice and knowing how to play a couple of musical instruments. Even though it’s not rocket science, it’s an art that requires passion, practice, and mastering. The lack of music production skills is one of the reasons why most people consider buying beats, especially royalty-free beats.

  1. Quality is Key

The fact that you’re buying some beats is already a good thing. The best things in life may be free, but the phrase is a sad stranger in the world of business. In music, there are a lot of important parameters and factors that you can’t afford to mess with. Free beats are available all over the internet today, including used ones. But when buying beats from any producers or record label, you’re obviously looking for a good and perhaps unique quality, which will be great for your music career.

  1. It is cost-effective: you can save money

Whether you’re a music artist, singer, producer, or hype man, the industry can be really demanding at times. You will always need to have enough cash flow to look the part, act the part, play the part, and perform the part. Simply put, the life of a music artist or celebrity can be a bit more demanding than expected for many. By buying royalty-free beats, you can cut multiple production and post-production costs.

  1. You can avoid potential certain copyright suits

This is actually one of the most significant reasons to seek royalty-free beats. In essence, royalty-free means that once you purchase them, you can use the beats however you like and as long as you like without being required to compensate the creators or owners of the beats for the same use. In other words, the owner or creator doesn’t have the right to claim earnings or lien from your gains when using the beats. In some cases, however, some creators of royalty-free beats insist on maintaining their copyright rights even after selling you the beats.

  1. You could claim a lien on such beats

In most cases, no royalty beats require just a one-time payment and the instrumentals are yours forever. This means that you can give them to a third party and benefit from it, depending on the agreement you have with your originator. Some agreements can allow you the privilege to claim royalties in case the beats you purchased are used elsewhere.

With factors such as the cost, quality, skill, experience, and legal matters in mind, you have more than enough reasons to purchase royalty-free beats as opposed to DIY or royalty-claimed ones.


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