Now that marijuana will be legal, don’t let it all go to your head…or mouth

Student in brown jacket giving joint to colleague

Delaying smoking pot helps the teenage brain develop

Oral cancer, gum disease, staining and cavities are possible downsides to smoking up

TORONTO, ON — Whether you’re trying out marijuana for the first time or have used it for a while, the Ontario Dental Association wants you to be aware of what the now legal drug can do to your dental health.

Oral Cancer: Just like with cigarettes, marijuana smokers run the risk of developing oral cancer from both the drug itself and carcinogens in the smoke that can damage tissues in the mouth.

Infections: When the THC in marijuana enters the bloodstream, it affects almost every bodily system and can weaken your immune system, which can open you up to gum and tooth infections.

Dry mouth: More than just annoying, dry mouth is a serious side effect of smoking marijuana that can lead to aggressive gum disease and cavities.

Staining: We all like to have nice, white teeth but marijuana smoke stains your enamel and can actually cause demineralization and make staining that much harder to get rid of.

Munchies: We’ve all heard about people getting very hungry after smoking marijuana and the traditional go-to snacks usually aren’t celery sticks. So be sure to rinse with a few swigs of water after snacking to prevent cavities from developing. It’ll also help with the dry mouth!

Marijuana edibles: Understanding dosages are critical when it comes to marijuana-infused edibles but you also need to watch out for the sugar content in the candies, chocolate and baked goods.

ODA President Dr. David Stevenson says “If you’re new to marijuana or have used it for a long time, be sure to talk about it honestly with your dentist. They can monitor your mouth and give you tips on how to prevent cavities and other problems from developing into something more painful and costly to fix.”

About the Ontario Dental Association

The ODA has been the voluntary professional association for dentists in Ontario since 1867. Today, we represent more than 9,000, or nine in 10, dentists across the province. The ODA is Ontario’s primary source of information on oral health and the dental profession. We advocate for accessible and sustainable optimal oral health for all Ontarians by working with health-care professionals, governments, the private sector and the public. For helpful dental care tips, visit

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