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A Difference of Opinion
THUNDER BAY – LETTERS – I see you have posted a letter to the editor from Mayor Hobbs at Chamber Never Checked Their Numbers – Mayor Hobbs
I’m pleased to provide the source information used in the City of Opportunity platform:

Tax levy definition

“The total of all municipal expenditures funded by property taxes”
page 5
Tax levy percentages as provided by the City
Long term financial overview – Jan 9/18 – page 10
Our City of Opportunity report says “Over the past decade, Thunder Bay tax levies have increased by an average of 3.36% every year.”
As outlined in the chart provided by the city, this information was provided to City Council by the City Manager in a presentation on January 9, 2018.  Our document includes a chart that compares the total tax levy change to the Canadian Inflation rate, which highlights the total increase in taxes collected by the city each year.  We have not provided any comment on the tax levy “net of growth” as our comments relate specifically to the total increase in tax-funded spending by the city each year.
I hope this clarifies the information used in the City of Opportunity report, which has been pulled directly from the City of Thunder Bay website.
Charla Robinson
Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce
200 Syndicate Ave S, Suite 102
Thunder Bay, ON  P7E 1C9
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