How to Improve Safety and Security in Your Business

Criminals engaged in Cybercrime look to end their year with a bounty of your holiday cheer.

LONDON – TECH – Protecting your property from a break-in or theft is easy because you can understand how a person could get in. What is more difficult to understand is the threat of a cyber attack. You won’t be in any physical danger, yes, but it is your data that is at risk, and when your data is it risk there is so much more on the line.

The reason why far too many individuals and businesses don’t stress the importance of cybersecurity is that they don’t understand it. You have built-in security protocols after all, what more do you need to do from there? The answer is actually quite a lot, and you can start improving your security today by following these steps:

Become Familiar with Digital Threats and Risks

In order to reduce the risk of a cyber attack, you and your employees must first learn how they can occur. By becoming familiar with the common cyber threats and risks that are popular today, you can better protect your business moving forward. Perhaps there is a new scam that has affected businesses in your area or niche – staying on top of this news can help you create the right preventative measures.

Train Your Employees on Digital Security Measures

Use the information that you have learned to train your employees, or alternatively have a specialist come in and do a workshop with them. The fact of the matter is, is that your employees can be just as much of a liability as an outdated program on your system. You need to train them so that they don’t accidentally open a Trojan horse file online, or they don’t inadvertently download a ransomware virus from a phishing scam email.

Back Up Your Data Both Online and Offline

Migrating to the cloud allows you to store all of your data in one place and scale up or down as you need to. This data is still at risk, of course, which is why it is wise to keep your most important data backed up on an offline hard drive. It is one thing to be down for a few days; itis another to be put out of businesses because all of your data has been wiped out.

Know How to Protect Your Cloud Account

An increasing number of businesses are migrating to the cloud, and this is a good thing. It opens up possibilities, can improve efficiency and productivity, and allows for remote access. The only issue business face is that cyber attacks on infrastructure as a service cloud systems have seen an increase in attempted attacks of 300%. You can reduce the risk of these attacks working by following these 73 Azure security best practices and training your staff to ensure a company-wide effort to protect your data.

Ransomware attacks, phishing attacks, stolen information  – all of these threats could put you out of business. In more extreme examples, private information could be stolen that could lead to financial hacks on personal bank accounts and more. Protect your data, protect your customers, and you will protect your business.

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