Certified Information Systems Security Officer

Certified Information Systems Security Officer

Every business owner thinks about how to protect their undertaking. Many people install video surveillance cameras, hire security guards, set up alarms and motion sensors. All this is needed in case your business might be stolen or harmed.

It is essential to protect not only offline businesses but also online ones. CISSO will help you learn how to safeguard the website with important data on the Internet. Information security training will help you avoid risks and protect your online business from intrusions.

What Is CISSO and How to Protect Web Data from Hackers?

Many people are familiar with the term “information security,” but not everyone represents the real importance of this aspect. Imagine setting up your business in Toronto. You ordered or created a website on your own to expand the sale of your goods or services. Everyone knows that Canada is one of the safest countries, and it is not customary to harm other people there.

The Internet is a global network that covers any place with Internet coverage. Anyone can steal your data if they want to. Unsecured networks are easy to hack, and online business sites usually contain payment information. If hackers get payment information, then they can get access to your account.

The knowledge that you will gain on the CISSO course will help you avoid any financial problems. Take these courses for yourself or become a specialist who makes money and helps others. You only need a computer, desire, and patience. 19 modules await you, which will help you to learn:

  •  About the basics of information security
  •  How to recognize a hacker attack
  •  How to repel a hacker attack
  •  Vulnerability assessment
  •  Access control
  •  Business continuity
  •  How to restore the system

The course price is 1,200 Canadian dollars. Our students get access to all modules, lectures, practice, homework, etc. After learning and completing the course, you can take an exam and receive a specialist certificate. Do not neglect online security because you can pay once for knowledge to stay with you for life.



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