Police Services Board Survey Will Help Select New Chief

Thunder Bay Police Services Board

Thunder Bay Police Services BoardThunder Bay – The Thunder Bay Police Services Board (Board) has received over 550 responses to its survey aimed at getting community input into the recruitment of a new police chief.

“We have received an overwhelming response to our call to the community to input into the recruitment of a new police chief and are grateful to all who have participated,” said Jackie Dojack, Chair of the Board. “This input, which shows the interest and importance of the role to the community, provides the Board with valuable insight into the challenges and opportunities facing the new police chief and areas of expertise that the Board should be focusing on in its recruitment.”

The survey, both online via the web portal and via telephone and in-person interviews, was launched on August 7, 2018. The information from the over 550 participants is currently being compiled for the Board’s review and will be used as a guide to the recruitment process that is slated to begin in mid-September.