5 Tips to caring for freckles on your skin

Freckles Image depositphotos.com
Freckles Image depositphotos.com

LONDON – Freckles often appear on the skin either from extreme exposure to the sun or genetically related. The skin normally appears to have light brown spots which are from clusters of skin cells. They, however, do not have any huge negative impact on your body aside from the fact that they might make you feel uncomfortable.

Freckles reduce the confidence of most people since they make them feel that their appearance is not attractive.  For those that have freckles and would like to care and reduce their appearance, here are some tips to follow.

Use natural products

Several home remedies that involve the use of home ingredients can be used at home to remove freckles. The effectiveness of these remedies depends on your skin type and how it reacts to different products.

Home products can include buttermilk, cocoa butter, Shea butter, banana peel, honey and lemon mix, lemon and sugar, banana and mint, juices, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, kiwi fruit, and turmeric.

These products can be made into facemasks or solutions to be applied on the face. Check the different ways to make these products. Ensure that you try out the different remedies and settle on one that is best for your skin.

Tweak your diet

What you eat determines how your skin will look. An unhealthy diet can also be the cause of freckles not clearing. Have a proper diet rich in Vitamin C to make your skin lighter and brighter.

Eat a lot of citrus fruits like lemons, lime and oranges, berries and leafy vegetables like spinach and tomatoes. Direct application of citrus fruits such as lemon juice on the skin is another great way to care for freckles.

Medical treatments

Treatments such as microdermabrasion and skin laser treatment are among some of the ways that you can care for freckles. Microdermabrasion involves a deep exfoliation process for removing dead skin cells.

Laser treatment burns the blood vessels that are under the freckles. Both procedures are safe and effective, although you will need a professional to examine and carry out the procedure which is costly.

Use Topical Creams

Topical creams include lightening creams as well as bleaching creams. One option is lightening creams by thecopcart.

Other Options are creams that mostly contain natural extracts such as licorice which has the ability to lighten dark spots. Avoid creams containing harsh chemicals such as hydroquinone, which can cause skin irritation.

Apply sunscreen

Overexposure to the sun is one of the main causes of freckles and great care should be given to the skin by protecting it from the sun. While the use of a sunscreen might not remove freckles it will prevent the formation of new freckles. Apply sunscreen before going outdoors and some moisturizer after swimming. The moisturizer prevents your skin from drying up.

Freckles do not pose any health risks, but should you want to get rid of them then it is fine. Medical treatments like laser, chemical peels, and Microdermabrasion are effective but might have some side effects.

Find out more about how to get rid of freckles at https://www.healthsumo.com/how-to-get-rid-of-freckles/. Alternatively, you can get in touch with a dermatologist for recommendations.


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