What Do You Mean By A Cheap Web Host?

free website hosting

LONDON – TECH – Every type of business needs a website no matter whether it is a sole-proprietorship or an enterprise. But, not all of them require a regular high traffic e-commerce presence that can hold more than hundreds of simultaneous clients or viewers hitting the website all at once. Not everyone can afford the high maintenance and luxurious website service providers, and at times all you need is a static page that has a list of your opening and closing hours and your location attached.

In these websites, you might require time to time blogging to keep the website interesting for the viewers, and that is sometimes all that you can pay for. The prices of Web hosting services are getting higher and higher every day, and it is a fact because every penny counts as you get what you pay for. There is amazing web hosting deals with your help that you can have in your budget and still make benefit by running a successful online website altogether.

What Is A Web Host?

free website hosting

Before understanding the other details, make sure you know things really well about the fundamentals. A Web host is a certified company that has servers at your service so as to store and delivers all the files that count while making your website. The huge businesses and enterprises expend thousands of dollars every year to run a dedicated web hosting or a virtual private server hosting or VPS hosting. But these are not important for you if you own a small scale business instead you can opt for, the web hosts that are specifically designed for the smaller businesses.

The web hosts for small businesses are good and cheap at the same time. These web hosting services will help you make an online website for you, and at the same time, they will make sure your wallet is not much damaged. It is something that everybody would like to appreciate, isn’t it?

The costs in the below mentioned list of web hosts are based on the monthly prices and not annually and without any discounts on the started plans. If the web host offers monthly plans, this is what is considered, but there are most of the companies that offer cheaper monthly plans when you head out to pay for the annual payments altogether. If you are buying Cheap Web Hosting plans on cash, you would certainly not opt for the annual plans and stick to the monthly payments.

If you are getting started in reviewing the web hosting services, you should also make sure to check how to build a website as well and do not forget to check on how to register a domain name for a website, or you can also search for an online domain checking the website.

Top 4 Companies For Web Hosting Comparison India

  1. Inmotion

inmotionInmotion has been around in the market helping the website owners for quite some time now, and you can see the work of Inmotion as well on the internet. The services focus on hosting packages of business level for excellent performances for the owner. The service provides unlimited transfer, disk space, and at least six domains on their selling plan.

You can get their packages ay $5.99/month. These services are easy to use and highly affordable and excellent when it comes to power and performance which is why they are placed in the top 1 position.

  1. A2 Hosting

a2hostingThe A2 Hosting service provider is almost globally famous as they are equipped with optimized servers all across the globe and have a great supporting team.

They do not have a WordPress recommendation on an official note, but their performance with WordPress sites is more than impressive.

The A2 hosting services offer three types of hosting packages, and their cheapest plans are out at only $3.90 per month.

They are user-friendly, and fits everybody’s budget and performs like no other.

  1. Site Ground

sitegroundThe site ground web hosting services have spread their servers all over the world, and they come with WordPress recommendation which is simply great. They also offer a 30-day money replacement guarantee if by any chance you are not satisfied with the services.

The hosting plans for site ground are 3, and the cheapest of them all is available at only $3.95 per month. They are highly user-friendly, fit your budget, and perform really well.

  1. Cloudways

cloudwaysWhen you opt for Cloudways, it will certainly take your web hosting requirements to the next level, for sure! It has numerous data centers along with SSD based hosting, performs excellently with the servers of Amazon, Google, Digitalocean, and KYUP. This hosting service provider is redefining the meaning of cloud hosting to the extreme.

The cheapest plans are available for you at $7 per month, and as compared to the above-listed services, they are average in the user-friendly, and budget-friendly, but they are excellent while performing.

  1. Hostinger


The web hosting site was established back in 2004 with the name ‘hosting media’. It became popular among the users with more than 29 million customers and enterprises across the globe. If you are looking for the cheapest web hosting services, you can have it all at Hostinger. The range it provides is phenomenal starting from $3 per month with single web hosting plan for home users. It gives you 10GB of space, 100GB bandwidth per month and an email address. It is everything you have been looking for regarding cheap web hosting services.

If you want premium packages, you can get them for $ 3.6o per month without any restrictions. It gets you unlimited disk space, subdomains, databases, bandwidth, FTP users, and as many email addresses you want and customer support like no other. You also get an optimized speed system for over 3 WordPress websites. You can access the available SSH, and you get a free domain name with an annual plan as well.

The Best Web Hosting Services In India

The most common question that is asked on the internet these days is which web hosting service should you opt for. The ones that are listed on top of the lists are merely based on personal use and opinion, and it has nothing to do with the company and the services on a personal level. You can take the help of internet endlessly, and it would be easier for you to choose the best one. Make sure to compare the reviews and services provided by each one of them and only then choose the best one.

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