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LONDON – TECH – Whenever someone searches for a free hosting on the web, they might see that 000webhost appears on the top. Well, what are the benefits of using 000webhost instead of other web hostings?

The answer is simple. 000Webhost.com is free, effective and doesn’t need any special requirements at all. Started in 20017, 000webhost is still providing free hosting at $0 to its users till now. But is there anything which makes feel you skeptic about them? Then please do read the below 000WebHost review once.

Why Choose 000WebHost?

It’s free! Yes, you heard it right and I don’t need to repeat it again and again. Well, you should not go for a hosting which is free, if there are no efficiency and use of them at all. Hopefully, 000WebHost is not like that. There are so many features you will be getting, whenever you sign up for a free 000WebHost account.

000WebHost Pricing


Free Plan: 000WebHost’s free plan includes 1000MBs of disk space, Bandwidth worth 10GB and a custom cpanel. This is the best thing about the hosting company. Even if you are new to website building, and need to start a small and lightweight website, then go for it. And if you do care about the data and logs, then I won’t suggest free plan as 000WebHost removes the user accounts without any prior notice. L

Premium: The features mentioned in the above free plan like Disk Space, Bandwidth, and cPanel and Number of websites are unlimited in number in the Premium Plan section of 000WebHost. Your data are backed up in a time interval and there is no chance you may lose your site.

Business: The features apply same to the business plan section too. So, move ahead, Choose any of the plans and set your site up.

What Features Does 000WebHost Provide?

What do you expect the features of 000WebHost to be? Well, there are so many root features which you will love to use. Below are some awesome features which 000WebHost provides to its users.


CMS: 000WebHost currently supports CMSs like WordPress, Easy Website Builder, and also there is an option available for direct uploading. What you get in exchange for a free service from 000WebHost is quite impressive and no one can ever underestimate its features. You can take this as an example. Scroll below to see more of it.

cPanel: 000WebHost also gives a custom cPanel for its users. If you don’t know what things can be done by a cPanel then, it is very important for database management, Server backups, FTP accounts, e-mail, and files regarding your website.

Free E-mail Accounts: Users get 5 email accounts per a single account. Those can be used for making auto-replying, Webmail, POP3, And SMTP access. You can make the best out of it according to your usage.

Free email accounts in 000WebHost support mail() function when you start using it. Of course, they monitor the usage which is being used by a single user, but in exchange of a free account isn’t it so cool?


PHP/MySQL are important aspects of any website you run on whatever hosting. 000WebHost provide PHP/MySQL usage to the maximum quality and version which PHP has till now ever.

BandWidth/Disk Space:

In a free account, you are getting the Disk Space worth 1000 MB, 10Gb of Bandwidth space and a custom cPanel.

As I said, 000WebHost supports Word Press, but there are things which you need to monitor closely. When you set up your site on 000WebHost using WordPress, track plugin usage, themes and check Disk space every time. If you run out of your disk space or bandwidth, then these things will be considered as the prime reasons.

Server Uptime Guaranteed?

Well, this one will be a big NO! No web hosting company can make its servers 100% up at each an every moment. 000WebHost claims to be 99.9% Uptime, but when we studied user reviews, it doesn’t seem to be.

Ad Support:

000WebHost allows its users to run ads on their site. One user can run Google AdSense/ Media.net or other advertisements on his/her site while using 000WebHost. It is legal and there is nothing to worry about.

Customer Support:

Honestly, 000WebHost’s customer support is not up to mark as their user experience. Due to heavy spamming in their databases, they have to be busy monitoring them, and a late reply or response is common in this case.

But, this doesn’t make any effects on their premium customers. By the way, their premium support is dope and I like that. Money talks.

000WebHost Pros

  • Free to use.
  • Huge Disk space or BandWidth.
  • Easy and Instant backups.
  • cPanel Support.
  • 5 E-mail accounts per 1 sign up.
  • Ad support included.

000WebHost Cons

  • No prior Notice before removal of the website from their database.
  • CPU usage overload when plenty of themes, images are being used.
  • File Uploading limitations.
  • Security issues like SSL installation, and hosting details.

I mentioned each and everything which you can make out using 000WebHost. In real, 000WebHost is a preferred option for people who are looking for free hosting for their websites. I won’t do that if the data are being too important and needed to be handled carefully. But, If you are a starter and need hosting for free, then you can go for 000WebHost.

Have any questions? Leave below a comment to hear the best out of your query. We are looking forward to your comments.

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