When Politics & Creativity Collide: 5 Tips for Writing an Effective Campaign Slogan

Politics 2.0
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WASHINGTON – POLITICS 2.0 – By now, you should know how election campaigns unroll: whenever you turn, you are bound to see an ad, poster or sign chanting the names of different candidates. You can’t escape this information bombardment unless you completely unplug from all media during the campaign. But, since that is almost impossible, most of us are used to the tactics that candidates apply to persuade voters.

One tactic that stands out is the slogan. Just think about it: it embodies everything a political candidate believes in, from its core values to its message. A good political slogan can make the difference between a well-thought and rounded campaign and one that’s sloppy and confusing.

Of course, candidates hope to leave a lasting impression on their voters, even after the campaign is over. They hope to be remembered for being inspiring, caring, fierce or any other positive trait they want voters to attach to their image. A powerful slogan can help them achieve that.

However, if your political slogan is weak and ineffective, you risk being remembered as silly, ridiculous or absurd. Or, worse, you risk being forgotten altogether.

Creating a powerful political slogan is not easy, and it won’t happen overnight. It requires time, patience and smart thinking. Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing company slogans and taglines for a campaign;

  1. Align It with Your Message

First things first: before diving into creating the slogan of your campaign, think hard about the message you want to send to your voters.

Look at the big picture and try to catch the energy behind your message. Keep in mind that the slogan is meant to capture the essence of your campaign in just a few clever words, reinforce it, and complement its meaning.

  1. Tie It Back to Core Human Needs, Wants, and Values

Most people don’t remember what you’ve said to them, but how you’ve made them feel. It’s an old truism, but it still stands true, especially in political campaigns.

A good slogan is one that triggers an emotional response from your audience. Your voters should feel represented by your slogan and inspired to take action whenever they see or hear it.

Try to tap into core human values that are sure to elicit strong emotions. Here are some examples of the things that make people tick:

  • The promise of a better life for them and the next generation;
  • Safety and security;
  • Basic human needs, such as having enough food, a place to sleep and access to education;
  • Having the resources to provide for our families;
  • Belonging to a tight community;
  • Promising to make the world a fair place;
  1. Get Creative

A political slogan doesn’t have to be dull, boring or formal. So, don’t be afraid to get a bit creative and get out of the norms.

For example, you can create a memorable message by using different language techniques, such as alliteration or rhythm. Rhythmic sentences make a slogan snappier and easier to recall, while contrast creates a stronger impression.

Use humor to make it witty or mystery to spark curiosity. However, make sure you don’t exaggerate with any of these tips as they can quickly become overwhelming and frustrating.

  1. Keep It Focused

People should be able to say your slogan in one breath, so make sure you keep it short and to the point. Try to make it as clear as possible while remaining realistic. Don’t make promises you can’t keep and choose simple words over cheesy and utopian ones to describe achievable results. Furthermore, make sure your slogan makes sense for both voters and your campaign. It shouldn’t be just a mix of big, meaningless and unconnected words. While a little intrigue is good, allowing too many nuances can create confusion.

  1. Promote, Promote, Promote

It’s no wonder that elections last for months or even an entire year. You can switch a political candidate for another if you’re not satisfied. You are stuck with him or her for at least two years (or four in the case of presidential elections.)

It takes a lot of time to get people to know you, your plans and strategies and, ultimately, to trust you enough to choose you over other candidates. However, for that to happen, you need to advertise the slogan with every chance you’ve got. Put it on your campaign materials, in your direct emails, on your ads and signs, and so on. The more visible and catchy the slogan is, the better.


In the end, a great political slogan can’t guarantee your victory, but it plays a major role in it. That is why it’s best to take your time and think hard and well about how you want to be remembered by your voters. Oh, and don’t forget: creativity and politics don’t exclude one another.

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