How to Use Content Marketing to Promote Student Apps?

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Entrepreneur CentreTHUNDER BAY – Today, students are more tech-savvy than their counterparts just a decade ago. Even when computers were the big thing a decade ago students weren’t still relying on mobile apps to simplify learning and staying in touch with peers and instructors. Today, students use their smartphones and tablets for apps that help with studies to websites like writing service such that help with essay writing. If you are an app developer and wants to promote student apps, content marketing offers many advantages. So how can you leverage the power of this organic marketing strategy to reach out to more students and generate more downloads?

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing involves the creation of mostly textual content such as articles and blog posts for providing valuable content to your target audience. It is considered as part of SEO and also involves social media elements. Content marketing also helps with brand building. Once you create articles and blog posts about your app, they are going to stay there forever. Thus, it works as an investment that keeps paying in terms of increased visibility.

The unique thing that makes content marketing more suitable for promoting student apps is that it makes it easier to promote even the most abstract apps.

Content Marketing Tips

Follow these tips for promoting a student app using content marketing:

  • Create a Strategy: Create a marketing strategy based on factors surrounding your app. The strategy will depend on your app. How the app will be created? What type of app is it? What is the main purpose of the app? Once your app is ready, you should create the plan for its content marketing.
  • Highlight the Problems that the App will Address: The content should acknowledge the problem (or problems) students are facing and explain how your app is going to solve it.
  • Determine the Language: Make sure to create content in a language that is used by your target audience. It is also important to follow your target audience’s tone. Keep in mind that students don’t have much time to read long posts. Keep it short and sweet and rich in information.

Images and videos are also ‘content’ and you should also make them part of your content marketing strategy. You can use videos for creating step-by-step guides and tutorials. The textual and rich content should all work together in a way to tell the story effectively and interestingly.

  • Choose the Right Channels: You will also have to choose the right channels where your content will go. This includes other blogs (guest blogging), social networks, groups and communities, and forums. Sign-up with other relevant blogs and comment. Build your network and share your content as much as possible.
  • User-Generated Content: Content isn’t just the textual and rich content that you create. It also includes the content created by users. Allow your target audience to share their photos and relevant textual content that can be used to further promote your student app. For example, you can ask your existing users to share their experience. Once your app starts generating a good number of reviews, you can also take snippets from the reviews to further promote your app.

Create High Quality Content

This goes without saying, but the quality is what matters the most. In fact, if you are not going to create high-quality content, it is simply better not to have a content marketing strategy in the first place. Create poor quality content and you will be simply doing damage to your app’s online presence and reputation. Poorly-written content can not just send away potential users, it can also affect your search engine rankings.

So make sure to follow these tips when using content marketing for promoting your app. When you create content for students, you have to be extra careful about quality and the information you provide. When done right, content marketing can prove to be a powerful strategy.

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