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Smartphone to smart business
Smartphone to smart business
Using your SMS to improve business communication
Using your SMS to improve business communication

LONDON – Businesses today make everything possible to make the business models more successful. There are several ways to do it:

  • to introduce new features to the product or the services;
  • to improve management;
  • to develop new loyalty programs and attract new clients.

Today businesses more and more work not only on amelioration of products or services but rather on improving Business to Customer Communication and internal managerial practices. One of the ways to do it is to use IT solutions of If you want to improve company’s performance find how to forward a text to email section on the website of the Intistele company. You will get to know how this simple tool can help you to improve your business performance.

How SMS to email service influences your business performance

SMS to email service can greatly improve company’ overall performance. It as well has a direct influence on Business to Customer communication. Here is how this IT solution improves internal managerial practice.

  • It is an advantageous way to communicate with the employees. Employees for modern firms are also clients. For every firm, it is important to cooperate as long as possible with highly qualified employees. Communication with the employees is crucial for company’s performance. Classic ways of communication lost its popularity much time ago. It simply takes too much time for managing director to sit near the computer and send emails. So, text to e-mail solutions by helps to ameliorate it. Using Intistele program, the managing director can send messages to the email of his employees. The e-letters reach them within the seconds. It is quick and comfortable.
  • It does not cost much. In reality, such a service costs little. If managing director’s time values money, then he gets a better return on investing his time writing quick messages than spending time in a useless way typing the e-mails.

SMS to email communication is a right way to improve the internal communication within the company. It simply lets its people be more flexible. Flexibility is key in a modern era of business making.

SMS to email solution for B2C communication

Smartphone to smart business
Smartphone to smart business

Simplified communication between the business and the customers is not less important than for the internal communication within the firm. Here are the main advantages of it:

  • The SMS is a very concise form of information delivery. The information that is contained in SMS is very straight to the point. It contains only key facts and figures. So, when the clients get such pieces of information to their emails, they can quickly understand what the message is about. The less time it takes people to read the better it is. Today everyone values his time.
  • SMS to email programs makes it possible to reach the clients within minutes. The speed of message delivery is very high. That is why this type of communication is very advantageous.

Text to email solution is a relatively cheap solution that helps to improve the company’s performance. This is the business solution that has a long-term effect. In long-term it will affect the bottom line.

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