The Multiple Listing Services (MLS) Use That Most Real Estate Agents Does Not Know

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NEW YORK – In this article, some secret tips are shared that no real estate agent know anything about. There are very few people who know about these tips and tricks. They are very simple and easy to apply. It can have a huge impact on who much you sell your real estate property for. These tips can worth thousands of dollars to you. In this world of the information age, you would think that nobody actually knows about these rare tips.

The Multiple Listing Services (MLS)

When you are selling a property, typically you are going to be listed on the MLS. MLS stands for ‘multiple listing services.’Usually, when a real estate agent puts the property on the local MLS system, it is shown on the user’s websites, such as Google. You can see the statistics that most home buyers, more than 90%, find their home online.

So, the listing that the customer sees before they decide whether or not to go to have a look over the property or to have their agent to go to look at the property, in that case, the listing would be significant.

Also, many people focus on the idea of having good pictures of the property. Therefore, you have to have the pictures of the property to make it look nice and desirable. However, in the listing, there is a listing paragraph or listing remarks given. This is the text box where people can type in whatever they like to.

It is typically the real estate agent that writes that. This is because he is in charge of filling out the MLS listing. The words written in that description have an impact on the price and the marketing of the property. This is very important for the agent to take care of this section of selling it to your ultimate buyer.

The Listing Description

It is comprised of 3 to 4 sentences. There are words and phrases that the agents used in this description which according to them will help the sale, rather in reality it hurt the things. The agent must not put such phrases in the listing.

What Can You Do In Listing Description To Maximize Its Power?

The real estate agent must write a description that draws out the emotion of the reader. It must help the reader to visualize themselves living in the property that the description is about. So, this is the critical focus and target of the real estate agent. Someone would buy it if they first feel like having the kind of home they like. The correct and straightforward description that uses the correct words can thus draw them to your property.

There is an old phrase in the marketing that says, ‘People buy for emotional reasons, and then they justify them logically.’ So, what a real estate agent need to do is to hit the emotional and the visualization buttons.

You can mention about the benefits of having the particular features in that home rather than describing the features. The Bronx Storage business dealers also do this for the marketing of their services. This is how people get attracted to your offers.


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