“No Plan to Raise Rates at Roach’s Taxi” – Tim Cordone

Roach's Taxi - image supplied
Roach's Taxi - image supplied

Roach's Taxi - image supplied
Roach’s Taxi – image supplied

THUNDER BAY – “Not at this time,” says Tim Cordone the owner of Roach’s Taxi in Thunder Bay. Despite the decision by the Thunder Bay Police Services Board earlier this week authorizing Thunder Bay taxi companies to raise their rates by 15%, Roach’s has no plans to increase their rates at this time.

Cordone says that “There are no major changes planned at this time”, and that his goal is to “Keep prices fair”.

While there are some who complain about taxi rates in Thunder Bay, Cordone says, “Costs are higher to operate in Thunder Bay.”

“Roach’s drivers are employees,” states Cordone. “They are covered by WSI, and we pay their CPP and they get holiday pay”. The drivers are paid on commission.

This is unlike the taxi business in many communities across Canada where the driver is paying to access the dispatch and isn’t an employee according to Cordone.

The decision is likely to heat up the taxi market in Thunder Bay as there is likely to be an unofficial taxi rate battle.

Cordone asserts that few people really understand the full spoke of the taxi business in our city.

Rates for cabs have not gone up for ten years. A decision by the Police Services Board this week authorises a 15% increase.