Taxi Rates in Thunder Bay Increased by 15%


Ontario's "Joe Debtor" has too much month left at the end of the money.THUNDER BAY – Taxi rates in Thunder Bay are jumping by 15%. The increase is effective January 22, 2017. The rate increase was approved by the Thunder Bay Police Services Board which currently oversees taxi services in Thunder Bay.

The rates for taxi service in Thunder Bay have not increased for the past ten years. The starting rate for a taxi in Thunder Bay was $4.65, with the increase that rate will climb to $5.35,

Rates for taxi service in the city are also the subject of concern for many people as many feel even before the increase, that rates were high.

Increased prices for gasoline, insurance and the increase in minimum wage are being tagged for the rate hike.

Thunder Bay City Councillor Brian McKinnon has been working on an effort to bring change to how taxi service is regulated in Thunder Bay. That proposal has not yet been brought to the Council Chambers for approval.