Manchester City – a Sure Bet for Winning?

Manchester City - a Sure Bet for Winning?
Manchester City - a Sure Bet for Winning?
Manchester City - a Sure Bet for Winning?
Manchester City – a Sure Bet for Winning?

MANCHESTER – Although there are many teams that are still technically in the race to win the Premier League this season, most analysts have narrowed down their lists to include just 6 power teams: Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham. Based on this fact alone, one could say that Man City has roughly a 1 in 6 odds of winning the Premier League this season, but in reality, the chances seem much higher when you take other factors into consideration.

Better Odds Than Indicated by Bookmakers?

While some popular bookmakers have put Man City at odds of 1/10, many analysts speculate that the club’s recent performance should make those odds even better, which is good news for anyone placing a Man City bet with Toals.  People betting online have the distinct advantage of being web savvy, which means they’re often more diligent researchers than those who bet in-person at the events. Therefore, there are many cases when a fan is even more knowledgeable about a match than a bookmaker, so if your gut and observation are telling you that Man City is a sure bet to take the Premier League this season, and numerous analysts agree, then you’re probably on the right track.

A Solid Opening Puts Man City Ahead of the Pack

Out of Man City’s first 15 opening games in the Premier League this season they’ve already racked up an impressive 43 points – an average of 2.8 points per match. In that regard, they are 8 points ahead of the second place contender – Manchester United. While both clubs have played a total of 15 matches thus far, Man City has won an impressive 14 while Manchester United has won 11. The only blemish on Man City’s record this year was a 1-1 draw with Everton, so if it weren’t for that single point they would be one of the only clubs in history to have gone 15 consecutive games undefeated in the Premier League.

Earlier Predictions Have Become Irrelevant

A couple of months ago ESPN fittingly assembled a panel of 18 analysts to give their top 4 picks for the 2017-2018 Premier League season. Out of that group, 13 of them chose Man City as their top pick, and almost all included the team within their top two. While those predictions already had Man City positioned as a dominant favorite, the play that has transpired since has pushed them even further ahead of their closest competitors. Another factor to consider is the play of MU’s Paul Pogba, a force that the majority of ESPN’s analysts had pegged for the player of the year. However, Man City’s David Silva was also a top pick and has delivered a couple of goals that ushered the club to 2 of its 14 monumental wins this season. Without those two wins, they would be only 1 win ahead of MU.

Will it Be Manchester or Manchester?

Although Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, and Liverpool aren’t being counted out just yet, it seems that most analysts have given their top two to the opposing Manchester teams. None of this surprising, of course, when you consider both teams’ histories of dominance. Manchester United currently holds the record with 13 Premier League season titles under their belt. Although Manchester City has only won 2 Premier League titles, they’re still considered elite contenders every season as they’re one of only six clubs to have accomplished this achievement. Despite United’s long-standing dominance, some analysts think that the long chain of wins may actually work against them statistically, as the variable of eventuality indicates that sooner or later the tides should turn in favour of other teams.

What are the Current Odds Looking Like?

Knowing that Manchester United has such a propensity to disappoint its opponents in Premier League titles, it can be difficult to disregard the events of the past and make an accurate prediction for the coming season. However, if we look at the performance of the two clubs in their current state, one could argue that Man City’s chances of taking the title are as high as 1 to 4. Of course, that wouldn’t be very good for those betting on the game or bookmakers, as winnings for people betting on Man City would be lower than they already are.

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