Ghana news: Top 5 private universities with highest fees


LONDON – If you are reading this post, you are interested in Ghana news devoted to education in the country. Ghana is among the countries on the African continent that have a strong position in the context of private higher education. Keep reading to learn about five most expensive private universities in Ghana.

Our nation relies very much on the formal sector, so it is quite predictable that many hope to get at least the first degree. In the country, it is very prestigious to attend and graduate the university, but, unfortunately, there is one big obstacle that can ruin all the dreams, it is the cost of the education.

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Ghana has many good universities, but some tertiary educational institutions have such high fees, so it seems that they are created for celebrities, children of politicians, and businessmen only. We have made a compilation of 5 private universities in Ghana with highest tuition fees for you:

  1. Central University College

The first educational institution on our list was founded by the International Central Gospel Church and led by head pastor Dr. Mensah Otabil. Central University College now has six faculties; however, initially, it was just a pastoral college. Being a student of this university, you will be obliged to pay $755 (GHc 3,536) for one semester.

  1. The Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA)

It is an old university in Ghana. The GIMPA is known for charging very high tuition. The Students of Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration pay semester tuition fees up to $1,300 (It is GHc 6,000), so the university is on our list of the tertiary institutions in Ghana with highest fees currently.

  1. Ashesi University

This beautiful university is rather young, but now it is considered as one of the best universities in Ghana. Many Ghanaians dream to study at this educational institution. If you are among these people and want to enter this university, you should be ready to pay for one semester $3,852 (Which is approximately GHc 17,838).

  1. Webster University

Actually, it is a school based in the USA but has a campus in Ghana. So, you understand that the actual location hardly influences the fees, the students in Ghana a paying the same high fees as American students. Estimated semester tuition fees are around $4,900 (GHc 22,687).

  1. Lancaster University

At last, the most expensive high school in the country. The university is an affiliate of Lancaster University, located in the United Kingdom. Ghana Lancaster University is an internationally recognized university with high tuition fees; student of this school pay $9,000 (GHc 41,670) per semester.

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