Ransomware Attack Highlights the Need for Optimized Cyber Security


RansomwareLONDON – TECHNOLOGY – May 2017 saw one of the most devastating cyber attacks since the invention of the PC, now dubbed “The Ransomware Attack,” even though the specific malware name was “WannaCry.” But, as this unwanted viral software both holds your files “for ransom” and makes you “wanna cry,” we need not be too particular about which name to call it by.

One of the countries hit hardest by The Ransomware Attack was Russia, and the irony of this will not be missed by those who watch the news on TV, where they are constantly barraged by the alleged election-hacking activities of that same country.

The results of the Russian hacking may be a matter of controversy, but the effects of the Ransomware assault are admitted by all: over 75,000 individual attacks across nearly 100 countries, with every file stored on affected devices were locked down pending the payment of “ransom money” to the perpetrators.

Sensitive data at hospitals, government agencies, and major corporations were all hit, but there was a common thread among infected computers: use of older, outdated Microsoft software or of more up to date software that had not yet received a security patch put out in March, only two months earlier.

Microsoft reacted by putting out a “special edition” patch for those using an older OS, but the damage had already been done, and the importance of effective cyber security (both proactive and reactive) once again demonstrated.
Cyber Security

Cyber Attack Trends in 2017

While the ransomware incident is an outstanding example, cyber attacks are only becoming more common and more difficult to ward off or recover from as we move through 2017 and beyond. Here are some of the latest trends that cyber security systems seek to address:

  • Digital goods, high-priced items like plane tickets (especially $1,000 and up), and purchases made via a mobile device are all more likely to be fraudulent.
  • Attacks sponsored by governments and attacks targeting governments are on the rise.
  • Attacks on “connected cars,” – vehicles that use built-in Web sensors and connections to optimize their performance and issue maintenance alerts. The majority of new cars sold now qualify as “connected.”
  • Interference with smart medical devices and EMRs (electronic medical records), a development creating obvious privacy and safety concerns.
  • Continued e-assaults on retailers and vendors in every industry, but with credit/debit now used for nearly every purchase type (including small-dollar and fast food), the impacts of retail security breaches will be greater than in years past.

A New Concern for Cyber Security

Ransomware and the generally hostile cyber environment of 2017 serve as wake up calls to businesses, non-profits, government offices, and even individuals who work at home or store large quantities of valuable personal files, to get serious about cyber security.

A new innovative approach is exemplified by the cyber security managed services from CBISecure.com. Their 24/7/365 defense mechanisms combine both proactive and reactive solutions to cyber threats. And the approach is also comprehensive, including: full-orbed project management, annual accreditation assessments, remote security monitoring, regularly scheduled security assessment reports, and hands-on staff awareness training.

The core component of CBI Secure’s notable success in the cyber security space is their highly flexible CBI Threat Portal Platform, which allows them to constantly readjust their strategies to keep ahead of the constantly changing threats.


2017 has already been an eventful and harsh year when it comes to cyber security threats, but there are leaders in the cyber security industry who are well positioned to protect us against this onslaught. The Ransomware Attack may well be the catalyst that drives businesses to invest more fully in top-of-market information security systems.

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