Betting on politics – a practice on the rise or temporary trend?

Flags fly at half-mast over the Houses of Parliament. REUTERS/Neil Hall
Flags fly at half-mast over the Houses of Parliament. REUTERS/Neil Hall

LONDON – TECH – Reflecting on all the highly impactful decisions that have been made in the last significant period of time, one would be safe to assume that UK politics odds have definitely had their fair share of ups and downs. Looking as far back as the Brexit announcement and the election of Donald Trump in US office, bets on politics have definitely seen a rise in popularity, as the general population’s interest in politics has grown as well.  More and more people are trying to get into betting on politics but don’t really know much about it.

Betting on politics isn’t a new thing

Despite gaining a significant increase to its player or fan base, betting on politics is anything but new. This practice can be traced back even centuries ago when people would bet on who the next pope was going to be. Returning to modern times, the concept of having odds and betting on politics still isn’t something new for gambling houses. That being said, it did become more popular in recent times therefore it is understandable how it could look new to many people.

It’s not a highly publicized practice

Despite being a full blown gambling category on many major betting platforms, politics gambling doesn’t get the same marketing as other betting opportunities. This is because gambling advertisement rides on the back of events that happen in the real world. There is always an important sports event that betting houses can market, and casino gambling is just marketable all-year round. With politics, there is only a small window in which betting can be advertised. There is usually a four year wait between “opportunities” as well. There are also smaller elections aside from presidential elections, but the former are the main selling point for this market.

Politics gambling promises to become even more popular

The popularity of an item, concept, event, and so on is deeply connected to social media and the way people share information in this day and age. With politics betting on the rise, social media platforms are bound to feed users even more information and advertisement regarding this practice. As long as something is talked about, it can be expected to remain a mainstream subject. It is thus expected that betting on politics will not only continue to be a present topic among gamblers, but also get a consistent boost.

The rising popularity of this type of betting is strongly related to the people’s stronger interest in politics in general, as was shown over the course of the past couple of years. Social media once again plays a big role as it is definitely helped shaped people’s perception and need for involvement regarding politics. With more and more concern showed towards politics by the general population, it was foreseeable that betting on these matters will also gain more traction in modern times.


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