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A Good Night's Sleep

LONDON – If there is one thing that women love, it is their sense of fashion. You can see it in their clothes, in their accessories, even in their books and their rooms. If you visit the house of a bachelor male, it will probably either be all neat and stacked up or it will be completely messy. However, when you visit a females house, it will most probably be decorated in their style with either a graffiti on the bedroom walls or their own hand painted drawings which gives it a sense of oneness with the woman who lives there. And the same goes for their night wear too. Women are especially choosy when it comes to their clothing. They want comfort, style and pricing all together and it can be a real headache to find it all, especially since stylish nightwear is generally expensive.

Let’s take a look at all the essentials for a night wardrobe so that you look hot even in your comfort clothes:

  1. Long loose shirt

Believe me, nothing can be as comfortable as a long loose shirt when it comes to nightwear. It is an absolute essential when you are looking at enjoying that good nights’ sleep after wearing body hugging clothes all day long. You may have any number of night dresses, but it will always be the most comfortable especially if it is just slip on. It also expresses that you are confident in your comfortability.

  1. Lingerie

Every woman needs good lingerie. You must own a pair that makes you feel hot and sexy but at the same time is also comfortable and suits your needs. It is an absolute essential as there are times when you might want to flaunt that ravishing body of yours with some amazing lingerie sets in your closet.

  1. Camisoles

If you are looking for something to wear at night that is just enough covering and still not cramming you up, camisole is exactly what you are looking for. This thin piece of clothing sure makes your outfit look good but is also a night wear essential as it comes in handy when the weather is too hot or you don’t feel like wearing more than one piece of cloth.

  1. Shorts

Shorts are especially good when teamed up with a loose tee. It acts as a comfort clothing especially in hot summers, lets your skin breathe in fresh air, comes in innumerable designs and colours and allows the comfort of wearing pants without actually feeling hot. You can even make a quick run to the store and come back if needed.

  1. Pyjamas

We have all grown up  wearing pyjama sets and what can be any more essential than that? It is an old habit which doesn’t need to be changed. Pyjamas are our comfort clothes which people even use for gymming or tend to flash them on night out with their girls. Some girls even like to keep these pyjama parties where they all wear their most favourite pyjamas for a night out at their hosts place.

  1. Sweatshirts

If you’re the one who prefers working out in the morning, then sweatshirts might be your night essentials. It frees you from changing clothes in the morning for exercising so that you can utilise the morning time to get your adrenaline running and have an energetic start to your day. It also means that you are fit and healthy and your sweatshirt is your buddy.

  1. Socks

Accept it that we all have those cute pair of socks which we love wearing to bed. While socks can be an accessory, they provide multiple health benefits. And these socks are so cute with their various designs ranging from mickey mouse to cats and dog, no one can stop us from stacking all our favourite themed socks. Some may even have as many as 20 to 30 pairs but these are so cute, how can you ever complain of having too many?

  1. Silky night suits

Fancy night suits are generally made of silk and look as though they were made to be wear on an outing. Extremely expensive, these are especially good when you go on outings and stay in hotels and resorts where you may want to roam around the pool at night or just sit on the sand across the sea. They are not only comfortable but also make you look like someone who knows their way around.

  1. Night gowns

Night gowns come in varieties and you must have a pair of all of those. Right from the simple cotton gown to the naught netted robes, they are all made to make you feel comfortable and maybe even boost your confidence.

Your clothes are a part of you and they speak volumes about you. How you choose to live and what you choose to wear give an insight in the kind of person that you are. We understand that these clothes are extremely expensive and cannot be used to wear outdoors and you may not see value in investing. But doesn’t a person earn to spend on himself rather than showing off? To assist you with the same, cosy collection of night wears is available on Ann Summers at discounted rates.

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