Bryce Cleveland Founder of Scalpa: Empowering Women to Build Their Empire

Bryce Cleveland
Bryce Cleveland Founder of Scalpa: Empowering Women to Build Their Empire

This entrepreneur started his company around empowering women to ‘build their empire’. Scalpa, founded by Bryce Cleveland, is the leading company for online training and supplies in the aesthetic industry. Cleveland designed his company to support women around the world to become successful in being their own boss.

Bryce Cleveland created his intuitive training platform with independent women in mind. “I wanted to create a platform with potential for massive success by providing an opportunity for women around the world to tap into this ever-growing industry,” he says. The aesthetic industry is currently a 50-billion-dollar industry that is constantly growing due to high demand and advancing technology.

Scalpa offers a large variety of high-quality products and over 100 different courses to choose from. Cleveland continues to grow his business with the effort to help women expand their businesses and service menus. Whether you are a beginner looking to get started in the industry or a professional looking to take your business to the next level, Scalpa has everything you need to get started.

Outside of training and supplies, Cleveland has constructed what he calls ‘success tools’ to help his students grow and land clients in their salon. These success tools range from community outlet groups, directory listings, marketing assets, media growth advice, becoming an educator, weekly conference calls with the Scalpa Team, and of course, their unbeatable support line. They even provide an entire guide to starting your own salon right from your own home, which is perfect for those just looking to get started.

Cleveland is adamant about not only educating women to perform these procedures but to stand by them and help them grow into successful business owners. “Anyone can learn online these days but it is the tools, connections, and support that will help you build your empire,” he says.

Scalpa is dedicated to providing ongoing support throughout their training courses and even down the road after certification. Whether you have a question about your practice work or you have a client two years later that you have questions about, you can expect Scalpa’s Director of Education to get right back to you with helpful tips and advice.

If you are still unsure if Scalpa can help you ‘build your empire’, they even offer free training courses so you can learn with zero commitment. Scalpa has changed thousands of women’s lives around the world through their training system and has a mission to continue to support women in their path of success.

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