Attawapiskat Overrun by Zombies

Attawapiskat Zombie Walk
Zombies on the loose

Attawapiskat Celebrates with Zombie Walk

ATTAWAPISKAT – If you were in Attawapiskat Ontario on October 29th 2016 you might have thought you walked into the end of the world as hordes of zombies were all over the small First Nation community. Attawapiskat however was fine. It was the 2016 Zombie Walk which brought out young and old to enjoy the day in the community.

There were prizes for the best costumes, but the reality is everyone had fun.

The costumes were amazingly creative, and it shows that all of Ontario’s remote communities are just like every other community in our province. They are made up of people who do amazing things.

Today’s Zombie Walk in Attawapiskat was captured on camera by Rosiewoman Cree who shared the images with NetNewsLedger.