James Street Bridge Fire Marshal Cannot Determine Cause

Ontario Fire Marshal

James Street Bridge Fire Remains a Mystery

THUNDER BAY – The Ontario Fire Marshal has completed their investigation into the causes of the James Street Bridge fire. The fire happened on October 29th 2013. Since that date, vehicle traffic has not been able to cross the bridge.

The bridge was built in 1905, and has served as a critical link between Thunder Bay and Fort William First Nation.

After three years, with no apparent cause for the fire, the real issue however is that the bridge closure continues to impact both Fort William First Nation and the City of Thunder Bay. Longer times for First Responders to get to the First Nation impact the community.

Moving forward appears difficult as the original agreement between the Grand Trunk Railway and the City of Fort William is now before the courts.

Meanwhile efforts to make the bridge safe for vehicle traffic appear at a standstill.

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