Supporters of Wilderness Discovery Camp Call for Action

Letters to the Editor

THUNDER BAY – LETTERS – Since we began the campaign to Save Wilderness Discovery Resort For The Disabled in January of 2015, our intention was to secure the public’s land from private sale. That has not changed. Unfortunately, 30,000 petition signers and almost 3,700 Facebook devotees have not been enough to convince the Ontario government to do what needs to be done.

We are very heartened that Robert Hookham, the president of the Fort William Rotary Club, has taken the initiative and incredible effort necessary to resurrect this vital disability sanctuary. But, it’s frustrating to find out how he has been the latest to be stonewalled by the feckless ministers that control the fate of this landmark. Communication between governmental officials and caring community leaders has continued to be sparse and detached.

The worst part of this entire saga is the unmitigated gall of the government’s stance on financial demands for property that is owned by YOU, the taxpayers of Ontario. It is reported that they are demanding a lease arrangement of $87,000 per year for allowing our disabled ones a facility that they can already rightly call their own. This isn’t a lease arrangement. This a RANSOM DEMAND. That inflated figure might be a significant amount for a single family. To each Ontarian? It amounts to TWO-THIRDS OF A PENNY!

The only thing an outrageous demand like this will accomplish is to make the noble efforts of your community organizations completely unfeasible. It does nothing to give an appreciable benefit to Ontario’s taxpayers. It only guarantees that disabled children, seniors, service members, and affected families will be relegated to second-class status…AS USUAL. Their right to enjoy the majesty of the Canadian wilderness and their recreational equality should be guaranteed, not bargained.

Okay, everybody. Time’s up! THIS IS YOUR CALL TO ACTION. MPP Bill Mauro has been dragging his feet for far too many months, despite numerous appeals. CALL HIM NOW. (807) 623-9237. Tell him that 150 of you are willing to forego your .67 cents and pay the annual lease for your land on Lake Shebandowan. Eighty-seven thousand dollars? Stop holding the disabled community hostage. ONE dollar per year. Period. And permanently!

Also, send Robert Hookham a letter by email and tell him you support the coalition that is trying to preserve your hard-fought and hand-built legacy. Contact him at , and do NOT forget to do it. Robert and I have discussed the possibilities of Wilderness Discovery and hope to meet personally in the coming days to explore more exciting ideas on how we can make everyone’s experience on Carson’s Point better than ever. Able-bodied citizens can vacation anywhere they wish, and they already do. If you are challenged by disability, there’s Wilderness Discovery.

We have all worked very diligently to do what’s right for Northwestern Ontario and persons everywhere that we felt we could help. We could have given up a long time ago, and most expected us to do just that. Our disabled loved ones face their challenges with strength and courage like I have never seen before. They never give up and they fight like hell. Personally, I can’t comprehend being as able as we are and having to tell them that we failed them.


Call Bill Mauro today. (807) 623-9237

Email Robert Hookham NOW.


Thank you for your enduring trust and support.

Kevin Johnson

Madison Lake, MN

On Facebook at Save Wilderness Discovery Resort For The Disabled

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