United Tribal Nations Seeks Support Across Turtle Island

United Tribal Nations has a goal of making Turtle Island whole again - Allan Henderson Jr. speaks with Amanda Perreault
United Tribal Nations has a goal of making Turtle Island whole again - Allan Henderson Jr. speaks with Amanda Perreault

THUNDER BAY – Allan Henderson Jr. is on a mission. United Tribal Nations is that mission.

Here is the message from Henderson in his own words:

The Historical Relationship Between Canada and Aboriginal People

The work that is required to be completed by United Tribal Nations is gargantuan. All the people of turtle island needs to learn the history of this country they call home in a short period of time. There has been 500 years of resistance and the story of that resistance needs to be heard. The people of turtle island do not want to sit idle while Mother Earth is destroyed before our very eyes. The peoples have not been conquered nor have they sold the unsellable. Mother Earth is not a trinket you purchase in the market. This is what the people are and have been struggling to protect.

There is a great deal of work that needs to be done to reverse the destruction that has plagued the peoples, lands and the waters. The work that is required will need input from all of the country’s citizens. The truth of how this country was built, how many people gave their lives and how much suffering is still there today are only a few examples of why UTN exists.

The colonial education system keeps Aboriginal voices silent. The regime of fear continues to exist and operate before our very eyes. Ontario could argue that they are implementing the recommendations from TRC, however those actions do not include Aboriginal voices. The implemented actions are implemented in a colonial system that is designed to keep the people in an oppressive state. The recommendations may have been delivered through the Canadian justice system and the recommendations are being implemented through that same system. The people of those residential schools were advised to stick to the facts and not embellish. That is not a process that helps those suffering the effects of the Law of Fear. The same process may even apply to the MMIW.

The Elders in the communities hold the knowledge of the ancestors. They are the keepers of the Anishinabe way, where I am only beginning to understand. I can only hope to be honored to receive those teachings so they can be passed on to the next generation.

The Canadian colonial system was designed to eradicate the people and that system is still operating. The government keeps the population in constant turmoil and in a state of oppression. UTN has expressed a desire to remove poverty from the very fabric that builds consumption minds. The way the system has been developed can only be described as a profit driven system. Human lives, the animals, the plants, the trees, the water, the insects, the flowers and medicines from Mother Earth take a back seat. You can complain but it is to a computer that operates the existing system.

The truth is that the Canadian colonial system and the culture come into direct conflict.  Canada believes they have the right to destroy this country in the name of progression and the people believe that Mother Earth is not an entity that can be conquered. European colonialists believe they have conquered the peoples of Turtle Island, that they have conquered the lands and now they wish to conquer Mother Earth.

Climate change, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunami’s are just a few examples of how Mother Earth will and is responding to this violent attack.  Perhaps the people cannot voice the pain that is being felt but Mother Earth will.

Help Our Mother Earth which stands for HOME. This is something we all have in common. Another thing we have in common is water. What does that mean to you?

Join the revolution

UTN will work to eradicate poverty, clean the water and waterways, stop the destruction of the forests, stop the development of harmful minerals that cause cancer and sickness, rejuvenate the lands. This is the system that UTN envisions. The government can continue to utilize their Gross Domestic Product system however, UTN is not sure how that will continue to work once the lands are returned to the people.

Allan Henderson Jr.
United Tribal Nations

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