Check Before You Dig – Natural Gas Leak

Gas Leak

THUNDER BAY – On July 2016 at 10:40 AM, the Thunder Bay Fire/Rescue Service responded to an alarm for a natural gas line break in the 300 block of Heron St.

Three pumpers, a hazardous materials unit, and the on duty Platoon Chief were dispatched.

Upon arrival, the hazard was located and the severity of the situation was assessed.

The line had been completely severed and gas was escaping to the atmosphere.

A small number of homes in the immediate vicinity were evacuated as a precautionary measure while fire crews waited for the arrival of the natural gas supply company to address the situation.

The gas company responded two workers who clamped the line shut, mitigating the hazard.

Homes in the immediate vicinity of the leak were checked for any natural gas that may have entered and accumulated in the structures. All Fire Service units cleared leaving the scene in the care of the gas company employees.

Thunder Bay residents are reminded to always have a utilities location check done before digging and be cautious when digging around residential  gas supply lines as the lines are small diameter and manufactured from a type of plastic that can be easily be damaged.