NDP Leader Says Budget Fails to Deliver

Andrea Horwath New Democcrat Leader
New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath

Queen’s Park – Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said that the 2016 Budget fails to deliver positive change for Ontarians. Instead of protecting vital services like healthcare and education, this budget will stretch household budgets and make it harder for seniors to stay healthy.

“I hoped the Premier would take this opportunity to listen to people, to focus on their priorities, like protecting and creating good jobs, halting cuts to education and healthcare, and stopping the sell-off of Hydro One,” said Horwath. “Unfortunately, it’s clear that this budget puts stretch goals ahead of the basics.”

New Democrats expressed deep concern about the impact of this budget on healthcare and seniors care. Not only does this budget make life more expensive for seniors, but it fails to reverse the cuts to hospital budgets that have meant cancelled surgeries, closed beds and the firing of nurses across the province. Similarly, with this budget the Liberals are pushing ahead with damaging cuts to education. This year another $430 million has been slashed from education.

“Seniors will see their drug costs nearly double with this budget. Patients will continue to wait too long for surgeries. Students across the province will continue to suffer cuts to their education,” said Horwath. “The Liberals could have built on Ontario’s potential today.  Kathleen Wynne missed that potential.”