Cosplay in Thunder Bay

Thunder Con TGG Games Expo

THUNDER BAY – Something that I have been getting into more and more is Cosplay with my clients.


Curtis and I do great dark cosplays like Edward Scissorhands (left) and The Crow (right)

Cosplay is dressing up and making exact replicas of pop culture icons (usually comic book, anime, video game characters but also movie and tv characters that have a certain look/costume)….. NOT on halloween. The word cosplay means costume play. It’s making halloween everyday!

Sometimes you can not be too strict with your recreations, by gender bending (like me as Freddy Kruger) and/or making them sexier, mix different pop culture styles or put the hipster twist on it(and many more variations). The rest of the time its getting the perfect little details that makes  a costume being totally on point. The recreation is a form of honoring something that you really love!

group shot

Magic Night with the Border Cats hosted by ThunderGames & Gifts summer 2015. Cosplaying for new Magic the Gathering release. Diane and myself were Liliana Vess and a zombie from the new Dark Magic pack.ilianna and zombieits  the little details like full body paint, and contacts that really make the character.

Sometimes if you are a good enough cosplayer you can get hired for different events as a model/actor. You can become that character, have their mannerisms and say their catchphrases.

I like to personally cosplay Lady Deadpool, Hipster Ariel, Morticia Addams and Freddy Kruger because they are characters. I love and the different levels of makeup are fun to play with.

If you want to check out some of Thunder Bay’s biggest and best cosplayers, get some locally crafted costume pieces for your Halloween or even an excuse to wear your halloween costume more then just once: check out ThunderCon at the Valhalla on October 25th.

I will have a booth there for some of my nail and special effects creations with a lot of other talented local businesses. I am also going to have a live demonstration of a Lord of the Rings Orc special effects makeup application and also speaking on a panel about surviving zombies in Northern Ontario.

And Please remember: costumes (Halloween and cosplay) are for everyone, there’s not size limit to who can wear what and just because someone is dressed sexy doesn’t mean it’s an invitation to inappropriate comments.


Thunder Con TGG Games Expo

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