North Caribou Lake First Nation Stands up for Competition in Marketplace

Letters to the Editor

North Caribou Lake FN – Letters – This letter is in regards to the issue of fair and open competition for the remote north communities; specifically in response to the news article dated September 25, 2015 on titled ‘Hydro One Decesion Puts Competition and Consumers at Risk‘ .

The Chief and Council, and community members of North Caribou Lake First Nation respect the decision of your communities to exercise governance and jurisdiction over your community and economy. Likewise, the North Caribou Lake First Nation has made business and investment decisions in the best interest of our community and members.

In order to maintain good community relations within the remote north First Nations, and in recognizing the challenges all of our communities face with the high cost of transportation, cargo and demand for supplies – North Caribou Lake First Nation has worked to keep in fair and open competition between the existing and new services being offered in the remote north. North Caribou Lake First Nation has not rejected existing or competitive services in our community, i.e. refusal to provide for landing and or transportation of fuel or goods as required in or through our community.

The purpose of this letter is to state that North Caribou Lake First Nation does not support the aggressive approach being taken by fellow remote communities. As communities work to assess their needs and financial constraints, fair and open competition is required for the best interests of all our people who live, work and struggle to make ends meet in the remote north.



Chief Dinah Kanate