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THUNDER BAY – LIVING – For the past 10 years, I have heard some crazy things of what other spa owners, estheticians and assistants have told clients what to do, and how to prepare for their spa service.

And to be honest it is flabbergasting what they expect of clients and how lazy some people are. This is the service industry: I am here to serve you and your beauty and spa needs.

So how do you know what to get? How to get it? Will You feel comfortable? What happens? What should you do?

Inline image 1Here are the questions that you probably ask yourself before you want to invest on something that seems like it might be expensive or a lot of work.

How do I know what I want?

Well first off you need to know whats bothering you. Is it your skin? Do you want to stop biting your nails? Do your toes hurt? Or is it time for a wax?

Now that you know what you want it’s time to find a place. Look online: you would be surprised how many spas and nail places there are close to you!

I know in my area alone are at least 13 within 6 blocks including myself!

Spas provide wonderful, nurturing experiences, but they aren’t always the cheapest. Some smaller services are but most full services range from 30-100$ which is a large price gap. Most spas have combo deals, and monthly/seasonal deals.

There are all sorts of nail salons, hair salons with estheticians or nail techs, and full spas. Compare prices online or stop in grab a phamplet. Ask your friends and family about where they go, what they get, cost and if they like it.

You can always walk in or call to talk to the esthetician. Feel free to ask questions about which spa treatments would be right for you. The most popular are facials, waxing, spa manicures and pedicures.

When booking your spa treatment, they will ask if you have a preference for a male or female therapist if they have male staff.

Whats the Best way to Book an Appointment?

Calling is always the best, some people (like me) accept Facebook messages and texts, and sometimes emails; but the aren’t as reliable as calling.

Texting/facebook messages/emails take a bit longer because there is more writing/explaining it also tends that clients like to use these later at night after hours.  And please have respect for your hard working esthetician: don’t text them after shop hours or at 6 am.

How do I know they are Safe and I wont get an Infection?

Heard the horror stories from the spa? Someone got an infection! They caught hepatitis! Seen the PSAs or the advertising in magazines about be careful when going to the spa? Good you should be aware that some places aren’t that clean, and staff can be under-trained.

Check to see how educated they are, in Ontario there is no licencing program for estheticians, so make sure they are certified from a proper college, or ask if they have taken a college program. College takes a year to 2 years.  Paying $800 for your light unit and getting a small “certification” from any product company gives you a fraction of the education that you’d get from a full program.

Look for reviews on their website, Facebook website, Yelp, Linkedin and Google pages.

When you get there: there should be a wavier for most services which helps the esthetician know anything that is of concern and that could possibly spread infections, diseases and other health and safety concerns.


  • Ask if they use disposable files, paraffin wax bags instead of dipping into the wax, wax sticks and strips.
  • Each towel and tool should be for each client then washed and sanitized.
  • Ask them what they use for sanitizing their equipment and surfaces? They should say t36 or Accel (or a solution similar to what is used in hospitals and doctors offices). Tools should be washed, scrubbed, rinsed and soaked in either solutions or in a autocalave.

What happens when I get there?

Expect to be greeted warmly by either the esthetician themselves, or the assistant/receptionist. You should be offered tea/water/coffee. You may have to wait a minute or two but when they are ready you will be taken to your spot in the salon (nail table esthetics chair or bed or room).

They will ask what your are there for and will explain the service and go over the wavier if one is required.

Then get on with it! Relax and have a fun time!!

The biggest area of concern is taking your clothes off for a facial or for a bikini or full leg wax. Don’t worry we always set up for you with bathrobes, privacy towels and blankets. We are professionals, we will not comment on your weight or any way you look! What I might do is tell you how awesome your tattoos are if you have them!

If you do end up with a nick, they should be on top of that with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean it and give you instructions for at home what to look for and how to keep it clean.  If you are getting waxed, they should ask you if the wax temperature is okay, make sure they aren’t over waxing. In the same spot there should only be up to 3 pulls. If its hurting more then what you expect for waxing let them know!

What should I do Before hand? What is Expected of Me?

As the golden rule states, treat people as you’d like to be treated. Be respectful to workplace health and safety and don’t wear too much perfume, or smoke a bunch before your appointment. But also please shower.

Be on time: otherwise expect to maybe wait. if other clients are late, then the whole day gets set back. This can also happen if a client wants a add on service, sometimes we may run 5 to 10 minutes behind. Call if you’re going to be late. Most staff will excuse 10-15 min max, after that you will most likely loose your spot.

During your service, you might find out that there is another service you’d like to try or you remembered you need some extras which is great to pamper yourself but be aware sometimes there might not be any time. If you’re going to add on a service, try to ask at the beginning of your service so we have time to make sure it can be fit in.

What you don’t need to do is clip or file your own nails for a nail service! That’s my job. The only people who can cut their toenails straight are extremely flexible people! So don’t worry about it.

Same with washing your face before a facial. It’s apart of the service!

If you are coming in for makeup or eyelash extensions or tinting them yes please wash your face before hand, but we will remind you to do so when you book your appointment.

Now you know what to look for, I hope you find the best esthetician for you and have a great time!

Scotia Kauppi
500 Frederica Street West – inside Hair Infinity Salon

Have a horror story or questions? Comment or email me at

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