Thunder Bay MEMO Team Heading to El Salvador

MEMO Team heads to El Salvador
MEMO Team heads to El Salvador
MEMO Team heads to El Salvador
MEMO Team heads to El Salvador

THUNDER BAY – LETTERS – This is a last call for volunteers to join the MEMO team going to El Salvador April 18th to 30th to work with the community of La Presa.

If you have been thinking of joining this exciting adventure you must let me know by Monday March 2nd midnight.

Eight of us will be going to El Salvador to construct a hand railing up the side of a mountain to an impoverished community of 47 families.

This is to prevent falls by the elderly when the path becomes damp and slippery.

As well we will be building a metal building about 20’X15’ to house a community meeting place/health centre/chapel.

We are hoping for a lot of involvement of community members from La Presa.

You need to be in fair physical shape as working up and down the 600’ up the path will be tiring.

We have enough people on the team now with technical skills, so you don’t have to have any skills, only a willingness to do what you are told.

We will be living at the guest house at the Shalom orphanage a 20 minute walk from La Presa.

Eduardo Pulin our Cuban/Canadian missionary will be going to El Salvador March 17th to get things prepared for the team.

The cost is $2250 Cdn all inclusive and is tax deductible.

All you have to do is show up at the nearest airport with your passport on April 20th.

There are application forms to be filled out to be sure you are not a raving lunatic preparing to overthrow the El Salvadorian government.

This is an opportunity to demonstrate to the people of El Salvador that God loves them and cares about them.

If you feel God is calling you to serve in this particular way let me know.

Jerome Harvey

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