Mexican business visionary “Memo” Salinas secures disruptive, powerful partnership with Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort

memo wolf

Straight Line Hiring – Designed by the Wolf of Wall Street himself – Jordan Belfort, is a highly successful business, it has the fantastic ability to be adjusted to any company that requires a recruiting, hiring and training process.

Teaming up with the incredibly notable entrepreneur Guillermo ‘Memo” Salinas ensures endless success for the company – with Salina’s many years of experience, his heritage of transformative Mexican Businessman, and with his incredible family role models – Salinas is an absolute asset to Straight Line Hiring.

Taking after his entrepreneurial legend of a great grandfather Hugo Salinas Rocha, his father Guillermo Salinas Pliego and his uncle Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Salinas is backed with a wealth of applaudable resources and references, to help expand Straight Line Hiring into a global market. Salinas is carrying on his family heritage and making his family incredibly proud.

Together, Belfort and Salinas plan to implement and share the Straight Line Hiring curriculum with businesses and diverse industries all over the world.

With Belfort’s faultless hiring system in place and Salinas’s background in such diverse business ventures, the talented pair plan to infiltrate not just Latin America, but also the global economy. Coming from a historical Mexican family that radicalized the retail economy in the 1950’s with their huge retail business Grupo Elektra, Salinas plans to use Belfort’s SLH to implement all of his areas of business. Whether in financial planning, financial advisory, construction, marketing, transportation, and even law – Salinas’ vision for a perfect recruiting, hiring and training process will manifest through Straight Line Hiring.

As the world begins to heal itself after a pandemic-induced recession, Salinas and Belfort are gearing up to take over the industry with Straight Line Hiring’s universal hiring program. To learn more about Guillermo Salinas and his fantastic business venture with Jordan Belfort, visit

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