Liberals Young and Old Celebrate Canada’s Flag

Canada will celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Confederation

OTTAWA – The federal Liberals held a rally today to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the first time Canada’s Maple Leaf Flag was raised.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau spoke of the importance of Canada’s flag.

Former Prime Minister Jean Chretien took to the podium, and the Liberal warhorse sounds like he has not missed a beat. One almost wonders if Mr. Chretien would welcome a return to politics.

Mr. Trudeau touched on the politics of today, but Mr. Chretien brought the audience to its feet in a traditional political speech that engaged the audience as he talked about changes in Canada over the past fifty years.

The Conservatives have not spend as much money celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Flag as they did for the celebrations on the War of 1812.