Energy Costs in Ontario A Concern

The electrification of the north will make economic sense for the region.

SMITH FALLS – LETTERS – The Liberals claim Ontario,s hydro rates are competitive but they remain the highest in North America.  I am going to give you a few examples of hydro rates from British Columbia Manitoba and Quebec .

In  B.C  their price  is 10 cents per KWH and there only service fee is $6.81 cents;
In Manitoba their price is 7.1 cents per KWH and there only service fee is $7.38 cents;
Quebec,s hydro prices are about the same as Manitoba prices.

I will give you a example what this means if you had a hydro bill in Ontario of $ 681.00 including all of our service charges per month.

In B.C your total bill would be $ 337.00 including their service charge half the price
In Manitoba the same bill would be $ 243.00 including their service charge just over a third
of the price and once again Quebec,s total bill would comparable to Manitoba.

The Liberal,s still maintain Ontario is very competitive because they offer certain companies a 50% discount on their rates which in return means every body else is paying for this on their bill every single Month.

Bob Chiareli States in one instance alone a gold mine in Ontario saved 20 million dollars
alone this year in hydro

Ross Ayotte
Smith Falls, ON

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