Malaysia Flight MH370 Search Shifts

Search Teams are now searching a new area, in yellow, north-east of the previous zone, in grey
Search Teams are now searching a new area, in yellow, north-east of the previous zone, in grey
Search Teams are now searching a new area, in yellow, north-east of the previous zone, in grey
Search Teams are now searching a new area, in yellow, north-east of the previous zone, in grey

KAULA LUMPUR – PERTH – International News – Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, Group Chief Executive Officer for Malaysia Airlines states, “These past couple of days have been especially difficult for everyone”.

“For Malaysia Airlines, it was very difficult to break the devastating news of the loss of the aircraft, especially to a large number of family members of passengers and crew onboard MH370, located in many places around the world, within a short time before the Prime Minister’s public announcement”.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared on March 8th. The search for the aircraft has become like a hunt for a needle in a very large haystack, and there has been enormous and often unsubstantiated speculation over the events.

Today, a full twenty days later, with the search racing to find the Boeing 777-220 aircraft’s Flight Data Recorder, the search has shifted. That shift started with the release of data by Thai satellites.

Citing new and creditable leads, the search has moved closer to Western Australia.

Ahmad Jauhari Yahya says “However, the well-being and feelings of family members are and have always been close to our hearts and minds. Ever since the disappearance of Flight MH370, Malaysia Airlines’ focus has been to comfort and support the families of those involved and support the multi-national search effort. We will continue to do this, while we also continue to support the work of the investigating authorities”.

“Malaysia Airlines is extremely thankful for the support pouring in from governments around the world and of Malaysia, especially the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Transport. Both Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak and Acting Transport Minister Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein and their staff have been at the forefront of every effort in locating MH370”.

The effort to find the aircraft, and to discover what happened as been a growing international effort with all countries focused on the search.

“Ever since satellite findings first indicated that flight MH370 ended in the South Indian Ocean nearest to Australia, the Australian government too has given immense support to Malaysia Airlines, from coordinating the search for the aircraft to offering an exemption of visa application process for families of passengers and crew on board MH370. Malaysia Airlines will be making arrangements to take family members to Perth, should physical wreckage be found. We are extremely grateful for such support,” stated Ahmad Jauhari Yahya. “Whilst we understand that there will inevitably be speculation during this period, we do ask people to bear in mind the effect this has on the families of all those on board. Their anguish and distress increases with each passing day, with each fresh rumour, and with each false or misleading report”.

Malaysia Airlines wishes to thank media publications that have been responsible in their reporting of MH370. We shall continue to cooperate in providing such information as we can but independent investigations are now underway and we do operate under strict constraints in this regard. In the meantime our top priority remains to provide any and all assistance to the families of the passengers and crew.

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