Thunder Bay Image Route – What do you think?

Shelby Ch'ng is running in Northwood Ward seeking a seat on Thunder Bay City Council.
Shelby Ch'ng is running in Northwood Ward seeking a seat on Thunder Bay City Council.
Shelby Ch'ng is running in Northwood Ward seeking a seat on Thunder Bay City Council.
Shelby Ch’ng is running in Northwood Ward seeking a seat on Thunder Bay City Council.

Planning the Thunder Bay View Route

The Citizens of Thunder Bay are invited to give their views on a new plan for Thunder Bay’s “Image Route”.

The Route

The route starts at the South end of Arthur St, left turn down May and on to Memorial-Algoma with another left to finish off Red River Road.  This is a great place to start an image route.  City Hall is on this route along with large and local business alike.  I read through the plans and couldn’t help but notice that there was an “alternate” route planned as well.  One of the plans look like it took a turn down James St.  I am curious as to why this street was left off the planning.  If it is a vision for “Thunder Bay” this route seems to be the tourist scenic route and not really intended for use by day-to-day activities by citizens.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the route.  Let’s put the trees back on Memorial Ave!  The street is named for those in Thunder Bay who fought in the Great War.  Trees were planted in their honour but cut down a number of years later to give way to business and traffic demands.  I would really like to see a re-visit on the alternate routes in addition to this plan.  I would like to see the City look into some federal heritage dollars to help offset the cost on the Memorial portion and then to add James St. back into the plan if possible.  It is time to move Northwood forward and this is the perfect opportunity for the city to do so.

If the image route goes through May St. where would this leave the Habib plan for South Core revitalization?  Just a thought.  These two groups really need to get together.  I bet they can come up with something that suits all parties well.

The Ideas

I think planting trees and greenery will be a theme that comes up a lot throughout the planning process.  I would like to see this taken one step further and make sure we incorporate bike lanes.  As we move to into a greener future, let us all be encouraged to ride our bikes in safety.  I am also interested in seeing uniformity with signage.  From large business to the mom and pop shops all along this route, businesses will benefit greatly from this plan.  To show uniformity and a consistent message throughout the city, standardized signage would be highly beneficial.  Tax incentive to business owners who volunteer to landscape their business would also be a great way to boost the local economy while creating a uniform and beautiful street appeal.

What are your thoughts on the issue?

Shelby Ch’ng H.B.A. Politics
Northwood Ward Candidate

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