Mayor Rob Ford – Time to Step Up!

Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto
Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto

Mayor Rob Ford Too Far Over the Top

THUNDER BAY – EDITORIAL – It is time for Mayor Rob Ford to step up, and step out. Toronto has a Mayor who has taken the city, in six short months to an international laughing stock. Little did anyone know when they voted for Mayor Ford that the benefits would include international media coverage on their city and their mayor. The citizens of Toronto might have hoped, when Mayor Ford promised to empty the ‘gravy train’ in Toronto, the city once known as “New York run by the Swiss” would be a beacon of light in the world again.

Instead, Toronto and its Mayor have become the fodder for late night comedians.

While Mayor Ford has not been charged or convicted of any crimes, with all due respect to the people, the Mayor needs to step aside, at least temporarily while he gets professional help.

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show on the Comedy Network launched into a six minute piece on Mayor Ford.

The Daily Show video starts with President Obama’s failed healthcare rollout, but then excuses the President and explains starting at the three minute mark about Mayor Ford and Toronto.

David Letterman’s Rob Ford Top Ten

David Letterman took time to point out the crack smoking reputation that has stuck to the Toronto Mayor like gum in one’s hair.

The Colbert Report Weighs in on Rob Ford

The public train wreck is one that most public officials would have stepped aside. Instead Mayor Ford continued to state he will not resign. The Mayor also refuses to step aside and get his personal issues together. It is likely that until he does that, chances are the mess that is coming from the Mayor’s Office in Toronto will continue.

It has got to the point that the Ford Motor Company is distancing themselves from the ‘Ford Nation’ and a company spokesperson stated “Ford did not grant permission for use of its logo”. Jay Cooney, a company spokesman, said “We view it as an unauthorized use of our trademark and have asked it to be stopped.”

Across the City of Toronto, the Canadian Football League Toronto Argonauts pulled their invite for Mayor Ford to attend Saturday’s playoff football game. The Mayor of Hamilton has stepped back from the traditional friendly bet between the two cities over the outcome of the game. “There will be no participation between the offices of the Mayors of Hamilton and Toronto with regard to Sunday’s football play-off game,” states Mayor Bob Bratina.

The reality is, it appears that Mayor Rob Ford can’t seem to separate his personal life and his professional life, and the impact on the City of Toronto is harming the city.

The bigger problem however is Mayor Ford’s personal life that appears more like a high stress train wreck. The Mayor needs to separate his personal life from the job. The stress of all the media scrutiny and public allegations are likely damaging to the health of Rob Ford. He is likely putting himself at health risk not only from alcohol consumption, but from the increased stress.

It is time for Mayor Ford to do the right thing. That right thing is get himself together and put Toronto first.

James Murray

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