School Safety Zones in Effect in Thunder Bay

Hammarskjold High School
Hammarskjold High School - Facta Non Verba

DFC School Safety Zone
School Safety Zones come back into effect – Paying extra attention will pay off in a safer school year.

Drive Safe and Keep Thunder Bay Students Safer

THUNDER BAY – A timely message from Thunder Bay Police. The Thunder Bay Police Traffic Unit would like to remind the public about reduced speed limits near schools in Thunder Bay. The news comes as there has been an accident reported at Hammarskjold High between a pedestrian and a motor vehicle.

Taking the extra time, especially at the start of the school year, when new students are likely to forget the rules, can save lives and reduce injuries.

Speed limit signs are posted in and around school roadways for motorists to reduce their speed to 40 km/hr. This speed limit reduction is enforced at all time of the day and year. This is due to the fact that schools are in residential areas and usually have an increased number of children and adults in the area during school hours and also in the evenings and on weekends.

Paying attention to these posted signs and making it a habit to slow down in high pedestrian traffic areas not only make our roadways much safer but it allows for the driver to react to unforeseen situations on the roadway.

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