Motors and Muscles in Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay's Strongest Man
A determined Dallas Hogan warming up to power up at Thunder Bay's Strongest Man
Thunder Bay's Strongest Man
A determined Dallas Hogan warming up to power up at Thunder Bay’s Strongest Man

THUNDER BAY – In it’s 7th year the 2013 edition of the Motors & Muscles competition in support of Our Kids Count did not disappoint. This strongman competition was staged as part of Rib Fest and saw hundreds of spectators watch fourteen athletes compete in five tests of strength.

It was organized by John Trevisanutto, Dallas Hogan, and Luke Skaarup with Kateri Skaarup and Kyle Rayner MC’ing the event.

In the first event, the athletes had to flip an 800lbs tire for a distance of 80ft as fast as possible. Chris McDole put up a great time of 40.3s to win the event followed by Rob Gordon (44s), and Ryan Deloli (47.3s) to round out the top three.

The athletes then went on to a press medley where they had to lift several heavy objects overhead in the fastest time possible. The implements included a 160lbs dumbbell, a 200lbs steel block, a 230lbs log, a 250lbs Axel, and a 270lbs log. Eric Brady and Dallas Hogan put up fast times to lift three objects (23.6s and 35.3s respectively), but it was McDole who powered through four implements in 60s for the event win.

McDole went on to make it three event wins in a row in the Farmer’s Walk where he carried 260lbs in each hand for 160ft in a time of 22.82s. He was followed closely by Ryan Deloli who completed the course in 25.41s and Josh Ahmo who managed a time of 26.5s.

The fourth event was new to Thunder Bay and for the first time ever, the audience got to see athletes lift a vehicle in a Squat lift. This event was intimidating and several of the athletes failed to register a lift with the van.

In the end it was Thunder Bay’s Dallas Hogan who won the event with a convincing 18 reps, he was followed by Jared Wick’s 15 reps and Yannick Baillargeon’s 14 reps. In the final event, the athletes had a choice of lifting a large 325lbs stone or a smaller 255lbs over a 56″ bar for repetitions where a single rep with the big stone beat any number with the smaller stone.

Strategy came into play as several athletes made multiple attempts with the big stone for more points before surrendering to lift the smaller stone. In dominant fashion, it was McDole who won his fourth event of the day with 4 reps with the big stone.

Eric Brady managed three reps and Jared Wick 2 reps on the big stone for the top three. Overall it was a great competition with good weather, outstanding performances by the athletes and excellent crowd support.

Top 3 were: Chris McDole, Eric Brady, and Jared Wick.

Overall Points.

1. Chris McDole (Winnipeg)- 63

2. Eric Brady (Thunder Bay)- 54

3. Jared Wick (Thunder Bay)- 53

4. Ryan Deloli (Winnipeg)- 50.5

5. Dallas Hogan (Thunder Bay)- 49

6. Yannick Baillargeon (Sudbury)- 44

7. Josh Ahmo (Winnipeg)- 43.5

8. Rob Gordon (Thunder Bay)- 38

9. Eric Bilodeau (Thunder Bay)- 26

10. Jeffrey Nason (Thunder Bay) – 21.5

11. Joe Baxter (Dryden)- 20.5

12. Mitchel Parker (Halifax)- 16

13. James Alcock (Dryden)- 15

14. Kyle Langlois (Thunder Bay)- 8

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