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Tim Hudak
Tim Hudak
Tim Hudak
Tim Hudak on Conference call to discuss the budget

QUEENS PARK – Tim Hudak had a telephone town hall today. The Progressive Conservative leader states, “Ontario deserves better”. 

Premier Kathleen Wynne will deliver on her promise to build on Dalton McGuinty‘s legacy, but the problem is Ontario can’t afford that”, commented Hudak.

The PC Leader puts the blame on the “The Liberals and their NDP enablers”.

Hudak stated that “During the debates at Queens Park, the New Democrats would call the Liberals corrupt in the morning, and then vote to support them in the afternoon”. 

Queens Park is shutdown until September 9th. The PCs are questioning the scheduling of the shutdown, the committees are all out. Even though it is normal that committee work continue over the recess. “We could not get the NDP or the Liberals to agree,” stated the PC House leader.

Drugs and Alcohol issues 

Tim Hudak stated that his Health Care Ontario white paper needs to be read. The issue of addictions has focused on people as if they have done something wrong. Hudak states that there is a huge level of ‘fat’ in middle management in the healthcare sector that could be cut dedicated efforts could be done to treat the issue. 

The PCs were concerned that the NDP refused to support the measure. 

The PC leader states that action rather than words are needed.

Dalton McGuinty Resignation

Dalton and Terri McGuinty exchanging greetings...
Dalton and Terri McGuinty (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Asked to list one thing good that Dalton McGuinty did that was good for Ontario, Hudak responded, “He is a nice person, and is leaving a legacy that took Ontario from being a giant of Canada to one of the weaker provinces in confederation.

Hudak stated that it is a shared legacy as there have been five months with Premier Wynne has been building on that failed legacy.

“If you like what Dalton McGuinty did to Ontario, you are going to love Kathleen Wynne”.

Hudak said that one can not question Dalton McGuinty’s dedication to public service.

Thunder Bay Generating Station

“Our next white paper will be on revitalizing Northern Ontario,” commented Hudak. “Our northern vision was put out two months ago.”

“If we want to create jobs in the North, we need more energy, it is the wrong path for the North. What are you going to replace it with, solar or wind?”, scoffed Hudak.

Solar and Wind Energy

Asked about his plans for green energy, Hudak responded “Our main focus is jobs, we are not going to attract new jobs with high priced energy, and a PC government will shut down the energy policy that produces energy that costs up to ten times the market price.”

Projects that are up and running will be grandfathered, but others will be on their own under the PC plan.

The current plan is dividing Ontario communities. 

There are concerns over a wind project near Collingwood where the towers for the wind farm will be 48 stories tall, almost 500 feet tall.

The PCs assert that paying the high prices for power and selling it off while needing to then purchase higher priced power when we need it is the wrong way to do.

“Our economic policy will be to lower taxes and make Ontario more business friendly,” stated Hudak.

Ring of Fire Developments

“It is unfortunate with the lack of progress by the current government on developing the Ring of Fire that the silence would be broken by an announcement of further delays” said PC Northern Development and Mines Critic Norm Miller.

Cliffs cited a number of factors contributing to the decision to suspend efforts, including several that point to the shortcomings of the Provincial Government. Specifically, Cliffs cited “unfinished agreements with the Government of Ontario that are critical to the project’s economic viability”.

Just over one year ago, the former Northern Development and Mines Minister announced that a deal was in place between the Province and Cliffs, and went so far as to suggest that a chromite processing facility would be sited in Capreol.

“There was hope that the new Premier would make the Ring of Fire a priority, especially after acknowledging its benefits to the Northern Ontario economy. The further delays and lack of progress only point to more of the same” concluded Miller.

Fathers Day Barbecue

With Father’s Day coming up, barbecue fan Tim Hudak says “I am in the constituency on Saturday. On Sunday I will be grilling some steaks and crab legs. 

Last week, I marinated a leg of lamb in Labatt 50, and did it with asparagus. Wrapped in foil.

Hudak has shared barbecue recipes in the past and has offered to share pictures from his barbecue with NNL readers.

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