There was a time – Sandi Boucher

Sandi Boucher Dancing on the Wall

Sandi Boucher Aboriginal Heritage
Sandi Boucher

THUNDER BAY – Editorial – There was a time when being with someone was too scary to consider.  I preferred alone.  Alone was safe, alone didn’t confuse me, alone meant I was never wrong and therefore never required to pay for my sins.

But then … alone got lonely and instead of strong, I slowly, painfully, became strong enough … strong enough to be vulnerable, strong enough to be wrong, and suddenly the silence didn’t welcome me anymore.  It was as if the very walls began to cry out for laughter and companionship and life from more than just … me.

There was a time

No, the silence no longer welcomes me for now it announces my loneliness, highlights the size of this empty bed, and reminds me just how much I miss a loving human touch meant just for me, for now I know I am truly strong.  Strong enough to be wrong without need to defend or justify, strong enough to be vulnerable without fear of the tears, strong enough to truly be … me, even with you.

So now I stand once more and smile through the veil of tears reciting my new truth … I am strong, and I have faith, faith that God willing I won’t be alone forever because alone is no longer where I want or need to be and alone is not where we are destined to be.  For our destiny is together … just past our collective healing.

I love you!